"Well, we'll need a new Keshiri bearer for the ward-room."
"What happened to the last one, Orlenda? Did you finally kill him with your kindnesses?"
"No. He's dead."
―Orlenda and Seelah Korsin[1]

Orlenda was a Human female member of the Lost Tribe of Sith in the years following the Great Hyperspace War. Orlenda worked as an aide to Seelah Korsin, wife of Lost Tribe Grand Lord Yaru Korsin, in the sick wards that Korsin ran, and the two became good friends. A well-known hedonist, Orlenda began a relationship with a native Keshiri laborer named Gorem around that time, which ended with his death in a work accident. By 4975 BBY, Orlenda was pregnant, and she supported her friend Korsin in her plot to overthrow her husband, Yaru. Although she could not take an active role in Korsin's planned uprising that would put her son, Jariad, on the throne, Orlenda was meant to ensure that Korsin's policy of Human purity for the Lost Tribe would continue if anything went awry.


"Go. But hurry. They're arriving."
―Seelah Korsin, to Orlenda, before her coup attempt[2]

A Human female, Orlenda was a member of the Lost Tribe of Sith, a Sith group that, in 5000 BBY, crashed on the remote planet Kesh and established dominion over the world's Keshiri natives. By 4985 BBY, Orlenda had taken a job as the aide to Seelah Korsin, wife of Lost Tribe Grand Lord Yaru Korsin and head of the group's sick wards. In that capacity, Orlenda helped Korsin in her efforts to assure the Human purity and genetic perfection of future generations of Sith on Kesh, which included gathering Human children and bringing them to Korsin for examinations. A notorious hedonist, Orlenda began a relationship with a Keshiri laborer named Gorem around that time. Orlenda's flirtation with Gorem ended when he suddenly died while working at the crash site of the Omen, the ship that originally brought the Lost Tribe to Kesh. Saddened by his death, Orlenda was present at Gorem's funeral and the tossing of his body over a cliff.[1]

By 4975 BBY, Orlenda had become aware of her friend Seelah Korsin's plan to overthrow her husband, Yaru, and pave the way for her son, Jariad, to become Grand Lord. Then pregnant, Orlenda was not able to actively participate but was chosen by Korsin to make sure her policies lived on if her coup attempt went awry. That year, immediately before Seelah planned to ambush Yaru, Orlenda was present with Jariad and a group of Sith Saber warriors near the Kesh Sith Temple in the Takara Mountains. Although Korsin briefly considered allowing Orlenda to stay by her side, she instead sent her down the mountain with a cart of supplies bound for the capital city of Tahv. In the end, although Yaru died in the ensuing battle, Seelah Korsin's plot was foiled, and Yaru's daughter, Nida, took the throne.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Gorem was, well, you remember, so strong"
―Orlenda, to Seelah Korsin[1]

A well-known hedonist, Orlenda was rather lusty and was especially attracted to the Keshiri worker Gorem. She was in awe of Gorem's physical strength and was saddened by his death. Orlenda had a friendly relationship with Seelah Korsin, who enjoyed ribbing Orlenda for her hedonistic ways.[1] By 4,975 BBY, Orlenda and Korsin were close enough that the aide fully supported Korsin's power grab, and she was willing to stay by Korsin's for the battle.[2] Possessed of a willowy figure, Orlenda had straight, flaxen hair.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Orlenda first appeared in John Jackson Miller's 2010 eBook Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon, the third installment of Miller's nine-part Lost Tribe of the Sith series.[1] Orlenda also made an appearance in the series' next story, Savior.[2]


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