Orli Shoshan (born July 23, 1974) is an Israeli actress who played Shaak Ti in Attack of the Clones and in two non-canon deleted scenes in Revenge of the Sith. It is believed that Shaak Ti's expertise in melee combat is in homage to Shoshan, a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces and a skilled hand-to-hand combat and melee weapons artist.

In 2006, Orli joined Jeremy Bulloch, Michael Sheard and David Prowse in the final part of UK fanfilm Order of the Sith: Downfall. Orli played the part of a game-show host in a bar on Tatooine. The film was made in aid of Save the Children. She also appeared in the 2009 Star Wars reunion, hosted by Warwick Davis.

She started working for an Israeli airline, which brought her to the United States and then to Chicago, Illinois where she currently resides. During her employment for El Al Israel Airlines Ltd, she grew a great passion for traveling when visiting places such as India, Thailand, and Australia. Orli Shoshan grew most fond of the Australian people and way of life, so she decided to move to Sydney, Australia.

In Sydney, she began her successful modeling career enjoying print work in magazines and catalogues, then on the runway as well as many television commercials. All of this eventually culminated into her acting role in Star Wars.

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