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"I would say please but—"
"It gives you a rash."
"That and grilled ormachek."
―Ghal Tarpfen and Velko Jahen[1]

Grilled ormachek was a food item that gave the Mon Calamari Ghal Tarpfen a rash.[1] Around 231 BBY,[2] she mentioned it to the Soikan Velko Jahen while joking that saying "please" also resulted in a rash for the Mon Cal.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

A jar of ormachek from the Legends continuity

Ormachek was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in the first installment of "Starlight: Past Mistakes," a short story written by Cavan Scott. The story was published in the 205th issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine as part of the Star Wars: The High Republic: Starlight serialized fiction[1] on September 21, 2021.[3]

In the Star Wars Legends continuity, ormachek was first mentioned in the 1996 novel Before the Storm, written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, where it was also associated with a Mon Calamari: Admiral Gial Ackbar.[4] It then made a full appearance in the 2003 Sony Online Entertainment massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars Galaxies.[5]


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