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"Not even the death of Dac and all life on it is more important than the destruction of the Sith."
―Oron Jaeger, to Gar Stazi[3]

Oron Jaeger was a Human male general who served in the Fel Empire during the Sith–Imperial War. At the end of the war, when Sith Lord Darth Krayt overthrew Roan Fel and declared himself Emperor, Jaeger and the 501st Legion of stormtroopers feigned loyalty to Krayt's Empire but remained secretly aligned with Fel's Empire-in-exile. In 137 ABY, during the Second Imperial Civil War, Jaeger was present on the planet Bastion when Fel returned and reclaimed the Imperial stronghold, and the general welcomed the exiled Emperor to Bastion.

Months later, after the Empire-in-exile formed an alliance with the Galactic Alliance Remnant led by Admiral Gar Stazi, the Sith–Imperials poisoned the planet Dac with viral spores, which completely devastated the world within a week. Jaeger assisted Stazi and his forces in the evacuation efforts on Dac, helping to save nearly twenty percent of the planet's population.


Fall of Bastion[]

"Tell me—have all the troops made it back as planned?"
"The 908th has been delayed, but the others were all slowly rotated in—as per your orders."
―Roan Fel and Oron Jaeger[2]

Oron Jaeger, a Human male, served the Fel Empire as a stormtrooper in the years leading up to the Sith–Imperial War. He eventually rose to the rank of general and also became the commander of the 501st Legion of stormtroopers—an elite unit whose history dated back to the Clone Wars, which occurred more than a century prior. As the 501st Legion's commander, Jaeger displayed efficiency for organization and tactics that were based on movement; he also earned a reputation as having a perpetual "bird's-eye view" of a battleground, especially during the thick of combat.[1]

Jaeger and Emperor Roan Fel on Bastion

During the Sith–Imperial War, in which Fel's Empire waged battle with the Galactic Alliance, Jaeger participated in a conflict on the planet Corulag, where he suffered an injury to his head. Before he returned to active duty, Jaeger chose to receive a neural interface cybernetic implant, enabling him to stay in contact with his central command post.[1] In 130 ABY, at the end of the war, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt seized the Imperial throne from Emperor Roan Fel.[4] Jaeger, who was on the Imperial stronghold of Bastion leading a unit of soldiers at the time,[5] outwardly pledged loyalty to Krayt's Galactic Empire.[1] However, he and the 501st Legion remained loyal to Emperor Fel and, over the next seven years, remained on Bastion, keeping a tenuous contact with Fel.[5] Jaeger began slowly rotating troops who were loyal to Fel onto Bastion per the Emperor's orders.[2]

In 137 ABY, during the Second Imperial Civil War,[1] Fel returned to Bastion in order to reclaim the planet as the center of his Empire-in-exile and was greeted by Lieutenant Kiefer, who ordered his stormtroopers to arrest Fel. After the soldiers refused to comply, Kiefer attempted to execute Fel, but before he could, Jaeger had one of his troopers shoot and kill the Lieutenant. Jaeger welcomed Fel to Bastion and informed the Emperor that all the forces loyal to him were on-planet, with the exception of the 908th Stormtrooper Division. Soon afterward, Jaeger was informed by Imperial contacts on Socorro that the planet's Imperial Mission had been destroyed; that Fel's daughter, Princess Marasiah Fel, was missing; and that her bodyguard, Elke Vetter, was dead. After Jaeger relayed the news to Fel, the Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg volunteered to rescue the Princess; however, Fel forbade them from undertaking such a mission. Draco and Krieg eventually acted against the Emperor's orders and successfully rescued Princess Fel.[6] During this time, Emperor Fel and Jaeger began planning to overthrow Darth Krayt and his Empire,[5] and Jaeger continued working with Fel over the next several months.[7]

Evacuation of Dac[]

"Glad to see you, General Jaeger. But I am surprised—I thought you couldn't attack without Emperor Fel's consent."
"We did not. I moved this fleet one short hyperspace jump away in anticipation of His Imperial Highness's command. He gave consent moments ago. May I suggest we hit the enemy from behind while you continue your assault from the front?"
"By all means, General."
―Gar Stazi and Oron Jaeger[3]

Jaeger aids the Galactic Alliance Remnant during the evacuation of Dac.

Months later, Fel's Empire-in-exile formed an accord with the Galactic Alliance Remnant, led by Admiral Gar Stazi, against Krayt's Empire.[8] When Fel left Bastion to meet with representatives of the Jedi Order on Agamar,[9] Jaeger communicated with Stazi. Stazi requested aid for the evacuation of the planet Dac, which the Sith had infected with a deadly pathogen that would eliminate all life on the planet within a week. During the discussion, Jaeger warned that Stazi was being lured into a trap by the Sith–Imperials and maintained that he could not help Stazi's forces without the Emperor's permission, thus forcing Stazi to act alone.[3]

Jaeger nevertheless assumed personal command of a strike force of Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers and took them one hyperspace jump away from Dac in preparation for the Emperor's authority to attack. Immediately after receiving Fel's consent, Jaeger and his fleet emerged from hyperspace to aid Stazi in fighting the Outer Rim Third Fleet, which was loyal to Krayt's Empire, and the arrival of Jaeger's forces caused the Sith–Imperials to retreat from the battle. As the Sith–Imperials fled from Dac, Jaeger informed Stazi that he would pursue the escaping ships; however, Stazi requested that all of Jaeger's available shuttles aid the civilians awaiting rescue on Dac's surface, and Jaeger agreed. The Alliance and Fel–Imperial forces effectively rescued nearly 20 percent of Dac's population.[3]

Personality and traits[]

General Oron Jaeger

"The 501st—my men—were always loyal to you and are ready to serve."
―Oron Jaeger, to Roan Fel[2]

Oron Jaeger dedicated his life to serving the Fel Empire and was fervently loyal to the government's leader, Emperor Roan Fel. After Darth Krayt usurped the Imperial throne from Fel, Jaeger and the soldiers under his command feigned allegiance with the Sith Lord's new Empire. He made it a priority to stay in contact with Emperor Fel, and he rotated any Imperial forces loyal to Fel to Bastion in an effort to consolidate a large military force there that could aid Fel.[1][5]

Jaeger believed that the alliance between the Fel loyalists and the Galactic Alliance Remnant was critical to defeating the Sith. During his conversation with Admiral Gar Stazi regarding the evacuation of Dac, he expressed his belief that the destruction of the Sith was of more paramount importance than the demise of the planet Dac and its inhabitants. However, Jaeger took the initiative to move a fleet of Star Destroyers one hyperspace jump away from Dac and awaited Fel's permission to aid the Alliance in their evacuation efforts.[3]

Dark-skinned with black hair[2] and brown eyes,[3] he spoke and comprehended Basic and also understood Binary.[1]


Jaeger possessed a blaster pistol and a code cylinder, and wore the uniform of a Moff. His cybernetic implant contained a built-in comlink and data links, which gave him the capability to relay orders at a faster pace than most military commanders.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Oron Jaeger first appeared in the third issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series,[2] which was written by John Ostrander, illustrated by Jan Duursema, and published by Dark Horse Comics on September 13, 2006.[10]


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