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Orrays were large creatures native to the planet Geonosis. They were used by the Geonosians picadors as mounts.

Biology and appearance[]


An orray in the Geonosis arena.

Sturdy quadruped[4] reptiles,[1] orrays were natives of the deserts of Geonosis, and were distinguished by their long snouts and tails. Those orrays which were tamed by the Geonosians had their tails removed, and replaced by metal caps to cover their stumps. Standing at two meters high and three meters long, orrays[4] were known and utilized for their strength,[2] which along with their hardiness made them ideal mounts. Orrays used their long snouts to dig into nests and used their teeth to crush eggs.[1]



Padmé Amidala rode an orray during the First Battle of Geonosis.

Many orrays were tamed and domesticated by the Geonosians, who used them for a variety of purposes, including as mounts and beasts of burden.[4] Because of their strength, orrays were made to haul heavy loads.[2] Orrays working in the Geonosian Petranaki Arena had their tails removed and the stumps covered by a metal cap. These orrays were used as mounts for the picadors,[4] who used their stun poles to zap rowdy audience members,[5] or to pull the execution carts carrying prisoners into the arena.[4] They were equipped with saddles for Geonosian drones to ride.[1] In the time following the fall of the New Republic, the Orray as a species were considered to be extinct.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Early designs of the orray created for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones gave the creature a more aggressive and menacing appearance, but these traits were instead adapted to the massiff on Tatooine,[7] which itself was derived from a concept for the orray.[8] The orray has been described as a cross between an alligator and a horse.[7]


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