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Orrays were leathery-skinned reptilian quadrupeds native to the planet Geonosis.


An orray fitted with a saddle.

The orray had great strength and a quick gait. To be tamed, these creatures had to have their stinger-tipped tails removed and, much like castration, this also served to make the orrays more docile. Wild orrays were known to feast on the larvae of Geonosian young, devouring thousands in a single meal. The orrays used their long snouts to root inside the sensitive egg chambers of Geonosian hives.[1]


A Geonosian Picador on an orray mount.

Orrays were used as mounts for Geonosian Picadors on Geonosis. Several were ridden in the Petranaki arena during executions involving beasts such as reeks, nexus, and acklays. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, they were occasionally ridden by super battle droids armed with flamethrowers.


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