"Orron III. That's mostly an agricultural world, except that the Authority has a data center there."
―Jessa Vandangante[src]

Orron III was an agricultural world located in the Orron system, in the Corporate Sector. An Authority Data Center was located there[2] . Incoming traffic was restricted to drone barges for transporting crops and Authority fleet vessels. Orron III had three moons.


On their attempt to rescue Klaus Vandangante from Stars' End, Han Solo and Chewbacca, after hiding the Millennium Falcon onboard a food barge they made an attempt to infiltrate an Authority Data Center on Orron III to get the prison's coordinates. Then Han and Chewbacca met up with a group led by Rekkon seeking to free family members from the prison. The attempt went badly and resulted in Chewbacca being captured and sent to the Corporate Sector Authority's prison.[3]

Near the completion of the first Death Star, when the Alliance captured Toral, Intelligence examined documents found in its memory and discovered that a weapon convoy was to be found near the planet. The Tone, Uhuru and Hyko was gathered there when the forces showed up; the convoy was destroyed by Y-wings from Red Squadron and Gold Squadron and X-wings from the Blue Squadron. Communications Satellites were stolen by the BFF-1 bulk freighter Phoenix from that base.[4]



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