"We've been cut off by Neimoidian support staff. Hey! You Neimoidians! Are you bein' paid enough to get SHOT?"
―Captain Orsai makes a status report during his escape from Space Station 1138.[1][src]

Captain Orsai was a male Human member of the Mere Resistance movement led by Sol Sixxa and Nym prior to the Clone Wars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prison Break[edit | edit source]

Captain Orsai and his troops were captured by the Trade Federation and incarcerated in the infamous Space Station 1138. While they were being held, Nym managed to acquire the codes to the space station to free Orsai and his men and have access to weapons to escape the station. When the pirate forces arrived a the space station, the Liberator, a Mere Troop Transport piloted by Kole would dock the station once the defense laser turrets were destroyed. Nym helped Jedi Master Adi Gallia destroy the turrets. While that was going, however, the codes that Nym used to get Orsai free accidentally activated a squad of Battle Droids, pinning down Orsai and his men. Nym managed to help them get pass them by destroying an airlock that Orsai asked for him to destroy. When Orsai and his men got to the lift they were unable to use it so they took the stairs but not before being cut of by Neimoidian support staff, who didn't put up much resistance. By the time the prisoners reached the escape hatch, the Liberator docked with the station and Orsai and his men managed to get onboard as the Liberator escaped into hyperspace under escort from friendly fighters.

Assault on Trade Federation Sensor Station[edit | edit source]

After freeing the prisoners, the Mere resistance planned on going on the offensive. Orsai would then pilot one of two Demolition Boats, the other being piloted by Sol Sixxa, that were filled with explosives to destroy the Trade Federation Sensor Station. Despite various obstacles such as Trade Federation submarines, autoturrets, Tractor Beam Towers and mines both ships managed to reach the Sensor Station managed to get inside and destroy the Sensor Station.

Battle of Nod Kartha[edit | edit source]

Captain Orsai later took command of the Mere cruiser Kethor during the assault on Nod Kartha, but his cruiser was damaged by fire from one of the Orbital Defense Cannons. The hull was compromised and the hyperdrive engines were disabled as a result. Later on in the heated battle Orsai's men fled the doomed ship in the escape pods, while Orsai, despite protests from his allies, remained onboard to guide the crippled Kethor into the shield generator, and perished in the resulting explosion. Orsai's sacrifice ensured the fall of Nod Kartha's defense grid, and later, the destruction of the groundside trihexalon factory.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Despite only being human, Orsai was welcomed into the Mere Resistance and was a loyal fighter. After he escaped from prison, he went on to fight with distinction. He was unafraid to die for a cause he believed in.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Orsai was voiced by Roger Jackson in Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. Jackson also voiced various other units in the game, and provided the voices for many other Star Wars video game characters.

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