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The Orsis Academy was a school that trained assassins, trackers, spies and soldiers, and was located on the planet Orsis. Notable students at the Orsis Academy throughout its history included the bounty hunter Cradossk, his father Agnuk, and the Sith apprentice Darth Maul.


A disguised Palpatine enrolled Maul at the Orsis Academy when he was roughly ten years old in order to hone his combat skills. The Academy's headmaster was a Falleen named Trezza, who generously accepted Maul without a physical examination. The Academy typically trained students for 4-8 years, with graduates sometimes returning to hone their skills. The school was forbidden to train Force-sensitives by the Jedi Order but Trezza did not object to ignoring this rule on occasions.

Maul quickly became the school's top student in the 5 years he was there; however, he also destroyed the facility, killing all students and faculty, following an order from Sidious. Maul got inside the academy and entered dorms, killing every cadet inside. He soon found Kilindi Matako, Trezza and Krakko in Trezza's office. Maul battled Krakko briefly and the cadet was killed. Trezza pleaded with Maul to calm himself, but Maul did the exact opposite. Trezza threw a knife at Maul but Maul used the Force and the knife deflected back into Trezza's chest. Trezza fell dead onto his desk. He soon killed Kilindi. Trezza's death marked the end of the Orsis Academy.

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