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"They are savages. Look at what they've done. They've slaughtered your troops!"
―Chairman Chi Cho, to Senator Riyo Chuchi on the Talz[2]

The Orto Plutonia clone security force was clone trooper garrison that occupied the planet Orto Plutonia during the Clone Wars. As leader of the government of Pantora, Chairman Chi Cho petitioned the Senate of the Galactic Republic to support the Pantorans' claim of sovereignty over Orto Plutonia. Having chosen to oblige the Chairman's request, Glid Station was constructed to house a detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic until a nearby Talz village was provoked by Separatist forces, resulting in a skirmish that destroyed the clone security force.[2]

After the Jedi Order lost all contact with the security force, Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the 501st Legion, and a delegation from Pantora that included Cho and Senator Riyo Chuchi, were dispatched to investigate. Their findings led to the discovery of the Talz village and a meeting was set up with their High Council. Cho regarded the native Talz as savages that had no claim on Orto Plutonia, and seeking to reinforce his government's own claim on the planet, provoked a war between the Talz and Pantora. The conflict ultimately ended with the Chairman's death and a peace agreement after the Speaker of the Assembly had called Cho's actions out of order.[2]

The clone troopers of the security force were equipped with standard dark white phase I armor and markings of standard white. Their outpost had a hangar that stored BARC speeders and CK-6 swoop bikes[2]



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