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"Ortolan secretions are quite distinctive."
―Inspector Thanoth[src]

Ortolans were a sentient species of squat, blue-skinned bipeds with large, floppy ears, beady black eyes, and a trunk-like nose that were native to the cold planet Orto. They consume large amounts of food in order to develop a warm layer of blubber due to the frigid temperatures of their homeworld.[5] Max Rebo, founder of the Max Rebo Band, was a male Ortolan.[2]

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

Ortolans were a sentient species of squat, blue-skinned bipeds with trunk-like noses and two beady black eyes.[1] They also possessed small mouths filled with blunted teeth behind their noses[7] and a pair of large, floppy ears,[1] which were sensitive to sound[2] and used to store fat.[3] Ortolans fended off the cold of their icey and snowy habitat by eating their way to a blubbery body.[6] Their articulated digits were able to absorb food and drink as well as play musical instruments.[3] According to Inspector Thanoth, their secretions were "quite distinctive." Ortolans were capable of speaking Galactic Basic[7] and their average lifespan was 71+ years.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ortolans have been inconsistently depicted with and without arms in several pieces of Disney canon media, with some Ortolans resembling the armless depiction described in Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know while others resemble their original Legends design.

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