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"Oruba feels the Council will be safer with Ziro under their protection."

Oruba was a male Hutt crime lord and a ruling member of the Grand Hutt Council during the Clone Wars. Oruba was born with a genetic defect that left his skin devoid of pigment, giving him a dissimilar look to most other Hutts. For this reason, he was one of the select few Hutts to wear any form of clothing, sporting an elaborate cape and a beret.[5] When Maul and Death Watch came before the Hutt Council to demand an alliance, Oruba asked them if they had anything to trade in exchange for such a thing. All of the Hutts present laughed heartily at the proposal before ordering their deaths, but the expected execution became a skirmish in which Oruba lost his life at the hands of Savage Opress, but not before giving Maul the location of Jabba's Palace, Tatooine.[3]


Oruba was the last member of the Grand Hutt Council to answer Jabba's summons with his hologram appearing in Jabba's Throne Room. For the first part of the meeting, Oruba did not speak. After Jabba responded to Arok's question of what was to happen to Ziro after he was freed, Oruba stated that agreed with Jabba that the council would be better off if Ziro was under their protection. With Jabba agreeing with him, the elder Hutt asked who would undertake the task. Oruba received his answer as Bounty Hunter Cad Bane stepped through his hologram and presented himself to the council. He agreed with Jabba and the other council members to have bounty hunter Cad Bane break Ziro out of Republic custody and deliver him to the council.[4]

Oruba was present when Ziro was brought before the Hutt Grand Council on the planet Nal Hutta after being freed by Bane. As Ziro conversed with the council about the detail surrounding his release and the damaging information about the council's deeds, Oruba did not speak.

After Ziro had been taken away to the detention block, Oruba and the rest of the council were entertained by a performance of Da Hutt Moda by Pa'lowick singer Sy Snootles. At the start of the performance, the elder Hutt nodded his aproval to his fellow colleagues. Oruba chuckled as Snootles danced her way past him and along the other council members.

After Snootle's performance Oruba was enjoying the entertainment of the Twi'lek dancers when Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos entered the council chamber. Oruba did not speak with Kenobi informed the council of Ziro's escape and leered at the pair after Vos stated he felt the council had been behind Ziro's escape. As the Jedi left, Oruba went back to watching the dancing Twi'lek.[6]

Later, Oruba was executed by Savage Opress during a skirmish on the Hutt Council after Maul demanded the location of Jabba.

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