Orun Depp was the Imperial Prefect of Mos Eisley at the time of the Battle of Yavin, appointed by Governor Tour Aryon. He was killed by the assassin droid IG-72 in the year 0 ABY. Depp had received a tip that Alliance to Restore the Republic agents could be found at Docking Bay 94. Under threat and pressure from Captain Parlan of the Imperial Navy, Depp personally led a team of Stormtroopers to intercept them. Instead he found IG-72, hunting the bounty on Adar Tallon. In its frenzy to get to Tallon the droid attacked everyone in Docking Bay 94, killing Depp and his men. Eugene Talmont was appointed to replace him.[1]

The phrase "to buy the Depp" was brought about by his death. It referred to a being dying spectacularly. He had a brother named Sylvet. During his time as Prefect he had 1,138 breakfasts of poached Krayt eggs and leg of Sandhawk.[2]

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