Orun Wa was a male Kaminoan scientist who was responsible for creating the Null-class ARC Troopers during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He was a perfectionist, and was disappointed with what were seen as defects in the Null troopers.

The troopers were totally independent and free from orders. Wa was disappointed with this, and the troopers were well aware of that fact.

The trooper, Ordo, was especially angered by his creator's disappointment, hating the constant complaints the troopers endured. Ordo retaliated by attempting to kill Wa with a stolen holdout blaster, and stopped only by his mentor Kal Skirata, who intervened and convinced him not to shoot (though Skirata himself felt there was nothing wrong with shooting Wa, due to his disgust with Kaminoans).

This incident lead Wa to the decision that the Null ARC troopers were far too independent to work in the field and decided that they must have their mentor accompany them at all times. This role was given to Skirata because it was apparent that he was the only one the troops respected and would obey.

Wa was of standard build for a Kaminoan, but was one of the more isolated beings in his search for perfection. Due to his failure with the Null class troopers, he strived for perfection and created the Alpha class ARC Troopers but these too were flawed with their independence, as they developed personalities and began to break away from what the Kaminoans considered acceptable behavior.



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