"We know it goes through Poderis, so Orus sector is the place to start."
Talon Karrde about Grand Admiral Thrawn clone traffic[src]

The Orus Sector was in the Inner Rim Territories. Planets in Orus included Kimanan, Mantessa, Chazwa, Joiol, Poderis, and Hijarna.


During the Thrawn campaign, it was incorrectly believed by the New Republic that Grand Admiral Thrawn clone traffic passed through the area. Luke Skywalker hired the smugglers of the future Smugglers' Alliance to investigate in the sector. They eventually discovered that Thrawn had tricked the New Republic.[3]

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Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Tatooine, Ryloth, Daltarra, and Bakura in the Orus Sector. Tatooine is in the Arkanis sector; Ryloth is in Gaulus sector; Bakura is on the Shiritoku Spur in Bakura sector. Additionally, Rebellion mistakenly places the sector in the Outer Rim.



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