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"For a slave, Orvax is the living hell of the galaxy. There is no worse place that I know of."

Orvax IV was a slave trade planet in the Outer Rim Territories. Slaves were stored in dungeons here before being sold off to slave owners. The slave traders lived in the upper levels of the cities. Members of the T'surr species worked as security staff.


Slave market on Orvax IV.

Maul assumed that Kilindi, a Nautolan and fellow cadet of his at the Orsis Academy, was from her species' homeworld, Glee Anselm. She told him that she had been a slave on Orvax IV, until she had killed the large family that owned her, and escaped, which caught Trezza's attention.[2]

Following the Battle of Half-Axe Pass, the Empire deported captured Nosaurian women and children there. Darth Vader, upon discovering this in a debriefing with the 501st Legion, grew despondent of the news due to his former status as a slave on Tatooine. Dass Jennir and the crew of the Uhumele attempted to rescue Bomo Greenbark's family, only to find that his wife Mesa had been killed and his daughter Resa sold to Dezono Qua on Esseles (thus sealing her fate, as Qua regularly bought a child slave to eat).

It was on this planet that Evar Orbus purchased Droopy McCool, naming him "Snit".

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On the Outer Rim map of The Essential Atlas Online Companion, Orvax IV is mistakenly placed in the Savareen sector.[1]



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