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Osadia was a planet located within the Core Worlds. Its location was kept secret and removed off the star-charts so that the mysterious school that was located there could not be disturbed.


Osadia was a remote forested planet and was the home of the New Generation Academy, which was directed by Antos Wyrick. The mysterious school that hosted young children, such as Jarael and Chantique in their childhood, was in trade with the slaving organization the Crucible. At some point business between the Academy and the Crucible went bad. The Crucible reacted by having Fleet Captain Dace Golliard lead a massive attack on the school in an attempt to acquire students for their slaving ring.

As of 3963 BBY, the Crucible was still using the planet as a base of operations.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Although The Essential Atlas's Appendix located the Osadia system in the Core Worlds, the planet was placed near the Outer Rim Territories's world of Vinsoth on the map detailing the Mandalorian Wars.[1]



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