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"We Rattataki live to fight."
―Osika Kirske, to Meltch Krakko[src]

Osika Kirske was a male Vollick warlord on Rattatak who killed Asajj Ventress' foster parents when she was an infant, as well as Asajj's master, Ky Narec, with the help of a Weequay raider. Years later, Asajj, then a Dark Jedi, returned to Rattatak and defeated Osika Kirske.


"All my life, I had only known victory in war. I conquered many cities and killed many of my rivals."
―Osika Kirske, to Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Early campaignsEdit

During his early military career, Kirske became one of the most powerful warlords on the planet Rattatak. The planet knew nothing of the Galactic Republic, nor of peace; local warlords had fought one another for personal power for centuries in a never-ending conflict. One of these was Osika Kirske. A seasoned fighter and strategist, the Rattataki only knew victory, defeating Asajj Ventress's foster parents after they attempted to raise an army against him on the southern part of the planet. Asajj herself managed to escape, becoming an apprentice to Ky Narec, a Jedi emissary who had also managed to escape Kirske's forces after his ship crash-landed on Rattatak. Together, they became a near unstoppable Jedi and Padawan team, quickly rallying supporters to their cause and inflicting defeat after defeat upon those who opposed them.

The tide turnsEdit

Dismayed by these turn of events and rumors of Ventress's new powers, Kirske entered upon a temporary truce with the other warlords of Rattatak, and attempted to kill both Asajj Ventress and Ky Narec. Half of the plan succeeded. Ironically, by hiring a Weequay raider to successfully kill the Jedi Master, Kirske brought about his own downfall. Driven to hatred and the dark side after being cruelly bereaved a second time by the same individual, Ventress destroyed both Kirske's and the other warlords' forces, taking the Rattataki prisoner as a trophy. Asajj became in command of the planet.


Kirske escaped after Obi-Wan Kenobi caused a mass prison break in his attempt to escape Ventress's grip. Aiding Kenobi, Kirske showed himself to be a bloodthirsty and vicious sentient, telling the Jedi of his plans to destroy both Ventress and her attempts to rebuild Rattatak. He was quickly dispatched by his nemesis after the Dark Jedi beheaded the cruel warlord with ease. This however, helped Obi-Wan and Alpha-17 to escape.



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