Osirrag was the home planet of the Onahk species. It was a small planet, boasting a pleasant climate of light breezes, perfumed air, and moderate temperatures.


Summers were warm and calm; winters were cool with minimal snow. During the spring and summer, small delicate insects spun gossamer strands everywhere. Osirrag boasted a small number of colonies, mostly engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Off in the unsettled wilderness of the world, there was believed to be a species of sentient wind creatures. Each of these creatures was invisible to the unaided eye, but they were reputed to communicate by whistles. The legend stated that one young boy, hundreds of years ago, searched out these creatures, and was welcomed by them. They learned to communicate with him, and somehow they extended his life span for many centuries. It was believed that he was their guardian, responsible for the conduct of his people and the defense of these creatures.

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