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Oskara was a female Twi'lek bounty hunter who worked for Teemo before betraying him and being forced to flee his wrath.



Oskara's favored weapon was her personal autocannon.

Oskara was a native of the planet Ryloth. When her sister, Makara, was captured by Aqualish thugs to work in the Ryll spice mines she offered her services to the gang leader as an "experienced bounty hunter." Her first job went well and she was mentored by Gyax, a veteran hunter. Oskara continued to work for the spice mine gang to keep her sister safe.[1]

The spice gang loaned her out to Teemo the Hutt on Tatooine and although Teemo paid her well she learned that Teemo was planning on seizing the Ryll spice mine. Fearing for her sister's safety she partnered with the Wookiee gladiator Lowhhrick and the Human pilot Pash and sent a warning to her compatriots back on Ryloth.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Oskara was female Twi'lek with green skin. She would seem jaded and cynical due to her rough childhood. She was careful not to get too attached to anything or anyone and focused on her mission instead of emotional entanglements.[1]



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