Oslets were six-limbed, arboreal, three-meter-tall herbivores from Joralla. They were used as mounts by the Tikiarri. An oslet's neck was flexible enough that it could rotate its head 360 degrees.

Appearance and Biology[edit | edit source]

Another creature common to Joralla was the oslet. The large herbivore had three pairs of limbs, but also had a three sectioned torso for great mobility. The lowest set of limbs was long, thick and well-muscled for jumping, while the middle and upper limbs were shorter and better adapated for climbing.

Oslets consumed tree leaves, fruits and vines, and they made their nests in the upper limbs of Joralla's towering sio trees. They had elongated, flexible necks and small, triangular heads with long snouts. They could turn their heads 360 degrees. They were normally deep red and brown. Oslets were easily frightened and would flee rather than fight. They were timid, but were easily trained as mounts and were adept at quickly moving among the trees of the jungle.

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