The Ossan were a mammalian species[2] used—and sold—as slaves by the Ancient Houses of the Senex sector.[3] Their homeworld was Ossel II,[1] and they had sizable populations on Asmeru and Karfeddion, the latter being used by House Vandron as an Ossan breeding planet.[3]

Biology and appearanceEdit

Ossan were rodent-like humanoids with a stocky build, long arms, and short legs. Their faces were dominated by a pair of floppy ears and a long snout, with sharp, serrated teeth, ending in a single nostril. Their height ranged from 1.4 to 1.6 meters.[1]


Ossan on their swampy high-gravity homeworld lived a primitive lifestyle, without even the technology of the bow and arrow. They were visited regularly by independent spacers trading for syp wood. Though many spacers would attempt to trade goods for syp, the Ossan insisted instead on exchanging wood for the chance to sign on as crewmembers. Though this usually meant that the Ossan would end up an indentured servant or slave, the Ossan believed this to be an excellent trade. Ossan fancied themselves clever negotiators, though this was usually not true. Many Ossan would be released from their contracts early due to ineptitude. These Ossan had few skills to offer other than their strength, and even that was short-lived as their muscles turned to fat in lower gravity environments. Ossan were the favored prey of the carnivorous cucul, a rough-skinned amphibious animal that resembled a fallen tree. Though not advanced enough to master a bow and arrow, Ossan did develop primitive spears in response to the threat of hungry cucul entering their villages.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

According to the 2001 novel Cloak of Deception the Ossan are a bioengineered species of four-armed humanoids, with hands and feet evolved for digging and backs evolved for lifting. Their thick skin provides natural protection from heat and cold, as well as low-level radiation. Ossan heads are described as dominated by large eyes which enable them to see in the dark. Ossan as depicted in Cloak of Deception also have small, inflexible mouths, and no noses or ears. The Essential Atlas offers a possible explanation by stating that Asmeru was home to "defective Ossan slaves."

In other references such as 1989's Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races (First Edition), the Ossan are described differently. Rather than having small mouths and no noses, they are illustrated as having long toothy snouts with a single nostril. They also are shown with two rather than four arms. Galaxy Guide 4 does not describe the Ossan as being bioengineered either. The original artwork of the Ossan was reused in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

Ossan also is used as the adjective for the planet Ossus, as evidenced in Legacy of the Force: Inferno.



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