"The Trade Federation Gunboat has been designed to explore and conquer the dense swamps of Naboo. The vehicle's powerful engines propel it through the dangerous waterways, while the twin laser cannons and rotating turret destroy any opposition. The boat's thick armor protects it from underwater obstacles and enemy fire."
Captain Quarsh Panaka[src]

The Ostracoda-class gunboat was a sea-going vessel used by the Trade Federation to explore swamps, rivers, and other waterways. It was based upon the AAT-1.


Water AAT

Gunboats deployed on Maramere.

The gunboat boasted a rotating anti-aircraft laser turret and two twin laser cannons, as well as an energy bomb launcher. It could glide over waterways like the AAT did on land.


In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation deployed these vehicles during their invasion of Naboo. During the invasion, the Naboo Royal Security Force attempted to help the citizens in the swamp repulse the invasion and encountered these gunboats.

Later in the fighting, at least one gunboat was captured by NRSF Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes during the crisis and was used to liberate Federation slave camps, although the gunboat in question had to be abandoned at the end of the operation.

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A gunboat on Naboo.

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