Osuno Whett was a gray-skinned Human Ottdefa from the Lekua system who specialized in anthropology. He was the Associate Professor of Sapient Studies at the University of Lekua V.


After the rediscovery of the Renatasia system shortly after the foundation of the Empire, Whett was tasked by the Empire and the Centrality to win the trust of the Renatasians so as to make them easy targets for the armed forces to subdue.

Covering the droid Vuffi Raa with an organic exterior, he posed as Vuffi's assistant and presented them as representatives of a galactic civilization eager to welcome the Renatasians. After 700 days of celebration, Whett transmitted all his data, beginning the invasion by the Imperial and Centran forces. In the massacre that followed, Vuffi Raa was nicknamed the Butcher of Renatasia, none of the Renatasians realizing he was a droid and that Whett was the true butcher.

Fearing for his life, Whett radically changed his appearance. He lost forty kilograms, added four centimeters of bonemer to each of his arms and legs (giving him a rather gangly appearance) and an additional vertebra. He also changed the style of his hair, which turned itself white from worry.

He played sabacc with Lando Calrissian during Lando's visit to Oseon 2795, in which Whett wagered and lost Vuffi Raa, which Lando was to pick up on Rafa IV.

The game, however, had been rigged; Whett had thrown the game to make sure Lando won Vuffi Raa. Not only an anthropologist, Whett was also a spy for Rokur Gepta.

Whett continued to act as spy and sociology advisor for Gepta, who was unaware that Whett served two masters. He was, in fact, also in the employ of high-ranking members of the Empire, perhaps even Emperor Palpatine himself, and was tasked with keeping Gepta under observation, learning as many of his secrets as possible, and reporting them back.

During the Battle of ThonBoka, Whett learned of Gepta's electromagnetic torpedo and decided he was too dangerous to live anymore. Commandeering a pinnace during Gepta's showdown with Lando and Vuffi Raa, he attempted to kill all three. However, Klyn Shanga realized Whett was the true Butcher. He and his fellow Renatasians took command of the pinnace from the outside, steering it into the unshielded cruiser Wennis, vaporizing both vessels and everyone aboard, including Osuno Whett.

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The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia described Osuno Whett as a tall, gray-skinned humanoid.[2] However, The Essential Reader's Companion later described him as a Human.[1]



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