"The Otana is a beauty of a ship that I would love to fly!"
―MK-09 — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Otana was a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2000 light freighter used by the Azzameen family. Originally owned by Tomaas Azzameen, the ship was heavily modified to improve its speed and firepower. It eventually became Tomaas's personal transport and was often co-piloted by his eldest son, Galin. Around 3 ABY, Tomaas entered into negotiations with the Alliance to Restore the Republic to supply them with much needed bacta, resulting in the ship being present at the Alliance's Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth. The Otana escaped Hoth and Tomaas continued to assist the Alliance, until he and Galin were killed in an Imperial attack while delivering bacta to the Rebels. After Tomaas's death, the ship passed to his youngest son, Ace. Wanted by the Empire, Ace and his surviving siblings fled their home and sought sanctuary with the Rebels. Ace soon decided to join the Alliance Starfighter Corps, but kept the Otana as his personal transport. Co-piloted by Ace's droid, MK-09, Ace used the ship for several missions, working alongside his brother Emon and sister Aeron.


Ventral view of the Otana

A Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2000, the Otana was originally designed to serve as a transport and light freighter.[1] Developed as an evolution to the YT-series, the YT-2000 was designed to incorporate and improve on many of the more successful features of its predecessors and was designed to be customizable, with plenty of space and power made available for modifications.[2] After the Otana came into the possession of Tomaas Azzameen, the ship was modified to further improve some of its features, with notable improvements to speed and firepower.[1]

The ship was 29 meters in length,[1] with a symmetrical layout, similar to that of the YT-1930.[2] The cockpit was located centrally at the front of the ship and could accommodate a crew of two. The pilot's station was at the front of the cockpit, with the co-pilot located directly behind and above him at a raised console. The upper half of the cockpit was constructed of a transparent material, such as transparisteel, which afforded both pilot and co-pilot clear views to the front, sides and above. The crew quarters provided a simple bunk for sleeping and a computer console, which could be used to receive e-mail.[1] In addition to the crew, the ship could carry up to seven passengers. Like all YT-2000's, the ship's cargo space was extensive, with room for 115 tons of cargo and consumables for three months.[2]

The Otana's engines were located at the rear of the ship.[1] The basic design could achieve a maximum atmospheric speed of 800 kilometers per hour and was fitted with a Class 2 primary hyperdrive and a backup hyperdrive rated at Class 12. Calculating courses through hyperspace was assisted by the ship's navicomputer.[2] Modifications undertaken by the Azzameen family made the Otana faster than a standard YT-2000, and the ship was ultimately capable of achieving 96 MGLT.[1]

The Otana travels through hyperspace.

In addition to the increased drive systems, the weapons systems onboard were also heavily upgraded.[1] The YT-2000 model came fitted with two double laser cannons,[2] located in turrets on top and underneath the ship,[1] which provided total cover of both the dorsal and ventral hemispheres. Though both turrets could be manually operated by gunners, they also had an autofire mode,[2] allowing them to track a specific target or lay down defensive fire against attacking ships.[1] Following the upgrade to its weapons, the Otana also had a forward facing laser cannon which could be fired linked with the two turrets. A single forward facing ion cannon provided the pilot with the ability to disable enemy vessels,[1] while the ship could carry a load of concussion missiles or other warheads in its twin warhead launchers.[3]

The Otana's deflector shields, which were rated at 320 SBD,[1] were heavier than those aboard most civilian freighters.[2] Along with a hull rated at 114 RU, the shields were capable of withstanding most attacks, but the vessel could also carry extra countermeasures in the form of chaff,[1] a burst of electromagnetic energy used to deflect either warheads or beam weapons.[4]


Early history[]

The Otana was created during a relatively turbulent era in galactic history and came with more powerful weaponry and shielding than similar freighters.[2] The ship came into the possession of Tomaas Azzameen,[1] co-founder and head of the Twin Suns Transport Services shipping company,[4] by 3 ABY.[5] Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the family business, Azzameen had the ship modified to provide improved speed and firepower to ensure his safety. The Otana became Azzameen's personal transport, with his eldest son, Galin, serving as co-pilot.[1]

Escape from Hoth[]

"That was way too close for comfort. Thanks for your help."
"No problem, Otana."
―Tomaas Azzameen thanks his escort during the Battle of Hoth — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Tomaas Azzameen was sympathetic to the Alliance to Restore the Republic in their war with the Galactic Empire. The Rebels were in need of a supply of bacta but were reluctant to trade with smuggler groups following some previous difficulties in dealing on the black market. Shortly before the Battle of Hoth[1] in 3 ABY,[6] Tomaas entered negotiations to act as a middleman, using his contacts to procure a supply of bacta on the black market and deliver it to the Rebels. The negotiations led Tomaas and Galin to take the Otana to the Alliance's Echo Base on the ice-world Hoth. While he was still on the planet,[1] the Empire's Death Squadron, under the command of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, arrived in the Hoth system and launched an assault against the Rebel base.[7]

The Otana escapes from Hoth.

The Rebels quickly made preparations to evacuate the base[7] and assigned two T-65 X-wing starfighters from Green Squadron to escort the Otana as the Azzameens made their own attempt to leave the planet. Though the Otana's escape vector was blocked by two Imperial-class Star Destroyers, the Rebels used Echo Base's ion cannon to temporarily disable one of the vessels, allowing the Otana to pass. As the freighter approached, however, the Imperials sent TIE/LN starfighters to intercept it. The X-wing pilots quickly eliminated the threat, but the Otana was struck by debris from one of the Imperial fighters before it made the jump to hyperspace.[1]

The Azzameens had escaped the Hoth system but the TIE debris had damaged the Otana's primary coolant tank, causing it to lose coolant pressure. Though they were in no immediate danger, Tomaas decided to take the ship to the family's Twin Suns Station for repairs. Taking precautions to ensure they weren't followed, the Azzameen's arrived in the Roccus system and Tomaas contacted his brother, Antan, aboard Twin Suns Station, to request emergency repairs. Yet, Antan refused to repair it, believing that the Empire would soon trace the ship to the Azzameens, and that the family had worked too hard to risk getting involved in the war. As a result, the Otana was forced to limp back to the Azzameen Home Base for repairs. Shortly after his return, Tomaas sent his youngest son, Ace, and his daughter, Aeron, to Harlequin Station to pick up a supply of coolant for the Otana.[1]

Joining the Rebellion[]

"Emon will be flying his Firespray as usual, while we fly the Otana. Your father is showing tremendous confidence in us by allowing us to take his ship!"
―MK-09 — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Despite the narrow escape from Hoth, Tomaas remained determined to supply the Alliance with the bacta they required and made arrangements to collect a shipment from a smuggler group. Tomaas and Galin would be traveling to the rendezvous point aboard the Azzameens' GR-75 medium transport Vasudra. Tomaas asked his children to provide an escort—Aeron was given the Otana for the mission, while his sons, Ace and Emon, flew the YT-1300 light freighter Sabra and the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Andrasta respectively. After reaching the rendezvous, the Vasudra docked with the smugglers' Xiytiar-class transport End Run, and the smugglers began pumping the bacta into its tanks. When the smugglers attempted to double cross the Azzameens, the Otana's firepower helped to defeat the smugglers' DP20 frigate Loose Cannon. With their gunship lost, the End Run's crew agreed to complete the transfer and the Azzameens returned to Home Base with the bacta.[1]

The Otana arrives at the Alliance Fleet.

Tomaas soon arranged to deliver the bacta to the Rebels. He and Galin traveled aboard the Vasudra to the Rebel XQ2 Platform Hospital, where many casualties from the Battle of Hoth were receiving treatment. Emon again took the Andrasta to provide cover, while the Otana was piloted by Ace, with the MK-series maintenance droid MK-09 acting as co-pilot. However, the transfer was interrupted by the arrival of Imperial forces led by Admiral Garreth Holtz aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter. Ace helped to engage Imperial fighters with the Otana while the Rebels began to evacuate. Thanks in part to his efforts, most of the Rebel ships were able to escape, but he was unable to prevent the Vasudra being caught by the Corrupter and both Tomaas and Galin were killed.[1]

The Otana now became the property of Ace Azzameen. The Empire declared the Azzameen family traitors and issued warrants for their arrest. With little time before the Imperials arrived, Antan instructed their employees to flee and set off to collect supplies from a hidden cargo facility. Ace, meanwhile, took the Otana, accompanied by Aeron in the Sabra, to collect some weapons and valuables from Twin Suns Station. Though they were interrupted by the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Furious, the Otana was able to hold off the Empire's TIE fighters until Aeron retrieved the supplies. The pair rendezvoused with Emon at Home Base but learned that Antan had been captured by Viraxo Industries, a rival business firm that sought to ruin the Azzameen family's business. With nowhere else to turn, the Azzameen children tracked down the Alliance Fleet and requested shelter with the Rebels.[1] While Emon and Aeron set about consolidating the Azzameen assets and establishing a new base of operations, Ace decided to join the Rebels as a starfighter pilot and was assigned to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Defiance. The Otana departed with Ace's siblings and MK-09, but frequently returned to the Defiance so the young pilot could participate in missions for his family when his duties permitted.[8] When aboard the Defiance, Ace was allowed to store the Otana in the ship's hangar.[1]

Revenge on the Viraxo[]

Ace Azzameen's quarters aboard the Otana.

When it emerged that Antan was being held captive by K'Armyn Viraxo,[1] Emon dispatched MK-09 in the Otana to pick up Ace from the Defiance ahead of a rescue attempt.[8] Emon and Ace traveled to a Viraxo facility where Emon fought Viraxo Planetary Defender starfighters in the Andrasta while Ace docked the Otana to the space station so that MK-09 could board it and retrieve Antan. With Antan safely aboard, the Otana fled the area just as the Star Destroyer Condemnation arrived to investigate.[1]

Some time later, Aeron learned of a scavenger operation to recover a damaged Imperial probe droid near the Saila Na system. Hoping to use the droid to monitor the Viraxo, Aeron asked Ace to take the Otana to recover it before the scavengers. By the time the Otana arrived in the system, however, the scavenger operation was already underway. The scavengers moved to attack the Otana, but Ace defeated several R-41 Starchasers and the Muurian transport Pelican before collecting the probe and proceeding to his rendezvous with Aeron via Tinoon Station. The station's customs officers prepared to inspect the Otana, but before they could discover the restricted Imperial property, a mercenary raiding party arrived in the system. Ace used the raid as a diversion to jump to hyperspace and returned to the Defiance after delivering the droid to Aeron.[1]

Not long after recovering the probe droid, Ace was transferred to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty. Shortly after Ace's transfer, Antan's sources informed him that K'Armyn Viraxo would be traveling aboard the Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 Highroller to Destreg Spaceport.[1] MK-09 was dispatched in the Otana to pick up Ace from the Liberty and bring him to the family's headquarters. After Antan briefed Ace and Emon, the Otana and Andrasta intercepted and ambushed the Highroller.[8] They soon realized that they had walked into a trap when several bounty hunters arrived to collect a bounty that Viraxo had placed on the Azzameens. Nevertheless, the Otana and Andrasta proved equal to the challenge and both Azzameens escaped after destroying the empty Highroller.[1]

Imperial troubles[]

"Otana, this is Aeron! Do you read? Ace, is that you?"
"We read you Aeron. Did someone call for a ride?"
"Stow it, Emkay! Get your rusted bolts over here!"
―Aeron Azzameen contacts MK-09 on the Otana from Vergesso Base — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

When Aeron learned that Vergesso Base in the Vergesso Asteroids was running low on supplies, she and Ace decided to steal some from the Viraxo industrial complex VXO-33274. Taking the Otana to the Bilbringi V repair yard, the pair met up with several former Twin Suns employees and headed to the Viraxo facility. The Otana soon eliminated the base's defenses, allowing Juno and Lara groups to pick up several cargo containers. However, before the Azzameens could depart, the Viraxo Marauder-class corvette Charybdis arrived, along with Razor-class starfighters from Gundark Squadron.[1] The Azzameens engaged the Viraxo ships, destroying them all and ensuring that their convoy could escape to hyperspace, although the Otana sustained significant damage in the process.[8] Before returning to the Liberty, Ace took the Otana to Vergesso Base to drop off Aeron.[1]

The Otana flies past the Executor in the Vergesso Asteroids.

Soon after, MK-09 in the Otana received a message from Aeron that Vergesso Base was under assault from the Super Star Destroyer Executor. The droid quickly took the ship to pick up Ace[8] and the Otana headed back to the Vergesso Asteroids in the hopes of rescuing Aeron before the Imperials boarded the base. Arriving behind the Imperial forces, Ace navigated the Otana past the Executor on a course for Vergesso Base. Fighting their way past TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/sa bombers, the pair reached and docked with the station. Ace used the Otana's dorsal turret to hold off the Imperial fighters until Aeron and some of the base's personnel were safely aboard, before taking the ship safely back to the Liberty.[1]

Though Aeron had escaped the Imperials, the Azzameens soon found themselves in more trouble when Emon was arrested by the Empire. After learning that Emon was being detained at Quesna Base, the Azzameens, along with family friend Dunari, devised a plan to rescue him. Quesna Base was expecting a delivery of tibanna gas, which Dunari's agents were able to intercept and plant a bomb in.[1] After Dunari arranged for MK-09 to bring the Otana to Ace on the Liberty, which was stationed near his casino, Dunari's Rest,[8] Ace took the Otana to the XQ4 Platform Stockyard, where the pressure tank containing the tibanna was waiting for collection, and took the tank to Quesna Base. Dropping the tank near Quesna Base, Ace took the Otana to a safe distance before the proximity detonator caused the bomb to explode. The explosion provided a distraction which allowed Dunari's Muurian transport, the Deadman's Hand, to enter the area and board Quesna Base to rescue Emon. Ace used the Otana to protect the Deadman's Hand from Imperial defenders until Emon was safely aboard and both ships returned to Dunari's Rest.[1]

Emon and Aeron soon concluded that there was a Virazo mole within the Azzameen organization. In order to confirm their suspicions, Aeron wanted to examine the communications logs from Azzameen Home Base's datacore, which had been abandoned at an Imperial junkyard after the Azzameens were driven from their home. Ace took the Otana to the junkyard to locate the datacore, with Emon in the Andrasta providing support. After locating the cargo container holding the datacore, MK-09 left the Otana and boarded the container to retrieve it. While MK-09 was getting the core, raiders in R60 T-wing interceptors arrived and moved to attack the Azzameens. The Otana and Andrasta, however, were able to eliminate the threat. Ace retrieved MK-09 and the datacore before taking the Otana back to the Liberty.[1]

Family reunion[]

"Otana, surrender your ship at once or we will open fire!"
"That's okay…we were just leaving."
―An Imperial officer and Aeron Azzameen in the Carida system — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Shortly after the Azzameens retrieved the datacore, mercenaries, claiming to work for the Sullustans, attacked a meeting between Alliance and Bothan leaders. A mercenary captured during the attack soon revealed that the group was striking from a secret base—though he did not know the coordinates, he informed his captors that the bulk cruiser Redhawk was due to deliver supplies to the base and would be taking on cargo at a space station en route. In an effort to locate the mercenary base, Ace took Aeron to the station aboard the Otana and docked with the Redhawk. Aeron and MK-09 bypassed the ship's security and Aeron began to download the coordinates of its destination. Nonetheless, their actions attracted the attention of the station's security and Ace used the Otana's turret to hold off their Preybird-class starfighters until the download was complete and the Otana could jump to hyperspace.[1]

The Otana assists in the capture of Azzameen Home Base.

However, it soon became clear that the Azzameens had been tricked—instead of arriving at the mercenary base, the Otana emerged from hyperspace at an Imperial weapons testing range in the Carida system. The ship was soon hailed by the Imperials and its crew ordered to stand down ready to be boarded. The Azzameens decided to return to the station and make another attempt to find the mercenary base's location by retrieving the Redhawk's course from its computer. The Otana fled into hyperspace, evading the Imperial starfighters launched against it. After arriving back at the cargo station, the Otana docked while Aeron sliced the station's computer, again attracting the attention of station security. Evading the station's IRD starfighters, the Otana jumped once more into hyperspace and the Azzameens were shocked when the ship returned to realspace at Azzameen Home Base. Realizing that the Viraxo had sold the station to the mercenaries, they quickly returned to the Liberty with their findings.[1]

The Alliance hoped to eliminate the mercenaries before they could further damage relationships between the Bothans and the Sullustans. To this end they made plans to capture Azzameen Home Base, hoping to find evidence showing who was behind the attack in the base's computer. Ace Azzameen was assigned to fly a B-wing starfighter for the operation—due to the personal nature of the mission, Aeron and Emon accompanied the Rebels aboard the Otana and the Andrasta respectively. Emerging from hyperspace, Aeron moved to engage mercenary starfighters while the Rebels attacked the base's static defenses. However, the Azzameens were shocked to see their uncle's ship fleeing the station. Though Antan escaped, the Rebels soon captured the base and Emon departed in search of his uncle.[1]

It was Antan, however, who made contact with the other Azzameens, requesting a meeting at Azzameen Home Base to explain his actions. Ace and Aeron took the Otana to the rendezvous, while Emon traveled aboard the Andrasta. Though Antan admitted that he was working for the Empire, and that he was responsible for the attack on the Bothans, he claimed that he was only doing so in an effort to secure the release of Tomaas and Galin, who he had learned were still alive and in Imperial custody. The Azzameens planned to rescue their missing family members and Antan led the group to Kessel Station where the pair were supposedly being held. The Otana docked with the base while Aeron attempted to locate her father and brother but, with the arrival of the Star Destroyer Devastator, the Azzameen children soon realized that Antan had set them up. With their escape route made difficult by their proximity to the Maw, the group prepared to fight, but were rescued by the timely arrival of Dunari, who showed them a safe way out of the area. Evading pursuit by the Devastator, Ace took the Otana back to the Liberty.[1]

Owners and operators[]

Tomaas Azzameen[]

Tomaas and Galin Azzameen in the Otana's cockpit

The head of the Azzameen family, Tomaas founded and operated the family business, Twin Suns Transport Services. His success at turning Twin Suns into a profitable business led the Azzameen family into a bitter rivalry with Viraxo Industries.[4] Tomaas acquired the Otana to serve as his personal transport[1] by 3 ABY,[5] and had the ship extensively modified to improve speed and firepower. Though not a member of the Rebel Alliance, Tomaas was keen to help the Rebellion by delivering much needed medical supplies, and narrowly escaped the Empire's assault on Hoth during negotiations with the Alliance. He was later killed in an Imperial attack while delivering bacta to the Rebels.[1]

Galin Azzameen[]

Tomaas Azzameen's eldest son, Galin was first in line to inherit the family business from his father and shared his father's affinity for the Rebellion.[4] Galin served as his father's co-pilot aboard the Otana, and the two traveled together aboard the ship to meet with the Rebels on Hoth. Though Galin escaped the subsequent Imperial attack on Echo Base, he was killed, along with his father, while delivering bacta to the Rebel XQ2 Platform Hospital.[1]

Ace Azzameen[]

Ace Azzameen and MK-09 piloting the Otana

"Ace was unhappy when Aeron and I arrived in the Sabra to pick him up. Where is the Otana? I could almost hear him thinking. I was tempted to try a little droid humor on him and say I had wrecked it, but I did not want to risk being shut down."

The youngest child of Tomaas Azzameen, Ace demonstrated a talent for piloting during his early work for the family business. Following the death of his father and Galin, Ace inherited the Otana and regularly used the ship to conduct family business where permitted by his duties as an Alliance starfighter pilot. Ace went on to become a highly regarded pilot, assisting Commander Luke Skywalker and the Bothan Spynet in the capture of the Death Star II plans, and serving aboard the Millennium Falcon at the Battle of Endor.[1] Ace later confided in MK-09 that he wished he had been piloting the Otana in the battle.[8]


"I was thrilled when Emon ordered me to take the Otana and pick up Ace at the CRS Defiance. For the record, it was not my fault I arrived later than scheduled. I have tolerated the accusations I went on a "joyride" with the Otana only because I am programmed to absorb verbal abuse. It is true I have what might be termed a "passion" for flying the Otana, but it is not my place to take liberties with it."

MK-09, nicknamed Emkay, was a heavily modified Kalibac Industries MK-series maintenance droid who served the Azzameen family. Among his modifications, MK-09 was capable of piloting and repairing most light to medium vessels and had aggression circuits which made the droid eager to engage in combat.[4] After the death of Tomaas and Galin, MK-09 became the Otana's regular co-pilot, with Ace serving as pilot.[1] The droid held the Otana in high regard and relished the opportunity to fly the ship alone from time to time.[8]

Aeron Azzameen[]

The only daughter of Tomaas Azzameen, Aeron was a capable hacker who could slice most computer systems.[4] Though not a regular member of the Otana's crew, Aeron did serve aboard the ship on several occasions, and piloted the vessel while escorting her father during his attempts to acquire bacta for the Rebels and again during the capture of Azzameen Home Base by the Alliance.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Otana was created for the 1999 LucasArts video game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, in which it serves as the personal transport of the game's main character, Ace Azzameen. The ship is flyable in several missions throughout the game and some history and specifications for the vessel could be found in the game's tech library.[1] The Otana has since received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[9]



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