This article is about the extragalactic home of the Charon. You may be looking for the role-playing adventure Otherspace.

Otherspace was a pocket dimension beyond both realspace and hyperspace. While it appeared to be a vast expanse of storm-gray nothingness, it did contain colored, swirling nebulae, and stars which were described as "shining holes of darkness."

The Charon species were native to a planet within otherspace, a planet threatened by a nearby black hole. The presence of this interstellar disturbance caused an enormous amount of stress on the Charon's part. Before long, the stress twisted their culture, giving rise to a death-worshiping religion. The members of this cult believed that it was their sacred duty to speed all life toward the Void of Death. After eradicating all of those who were unbelievers—which meant destroying all sentient life—on their homeworld, the Charon developed interstellar travel, and continued their holy mission. Eventually, all that remained in otherspace was a multitude of barren, lifeless planets and a few biologically-engineered Charon starships roaming the void in search of any remaining traces of life.



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