This article is about the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game adventure. You may be looking for Otherspace, the home of the Charon species.

Otherspace is an adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game written by Bill Slavicsek. It was published by West End Games in 1989.

Otherspace included the return of non-player characters from the previous West End Games adventures Tatooine Manhunt and Strike Force: Shantipole. Otherspace itself was followed up by another adventure, Otherspace II: Invasion.

Publisher's summary[]

Beyond realspace, past the time-bending corridors of hyperspace, another galaxy waits to be discovered. When a problem develops with the hyperdrive engine of an Alliance prisoner transport, members of both the Rebellion and the Empire are deposited into a strange, unexplored dimension between the hyperlanes and realspace.

Here, abandoned ships from all over known space float beside those of unknown origin. These desolate craft orbit a giant vessel, drawn to it like moths to a flame—or a spider's web.

Within the dark interior of the giant ship, the war between Rebel and Imperial finds new battlegrounds and new weapons with which to destroy each other. But they also find something else, something that just might find them first. It wants to escape otherspace, to reach realspace. And when it does, the galaxy will die!


  • Introduction
  • Episode One: The TIE Armada
  • Episode Two: Celestial Found
    • Celestial's Tale 1: Imperial Escape
    • Celestial's Tale 2: Exodus
    • Celestial's Tale 3: Probe
  • Episode Three: Desolate Awaits
  • Pullout Section:
  • Episode Four: Heart of Darkness
  • Episode Five: The Great Contest
  • Episode Six: Into the Nest
  • Episode Seven: Back to Realspace

Plot summary[]

A group of Rebel agents—the player characters—are on their way to take command of Celestial, a Rebel transport vessel containing cargo destined for a Rebel safeworld, as well as several high-ranking Imperial prisoners (including the bounty hunter Zardra and Grand Moff Ravik.) Unfortunately for the player characters, the Imperial prisoners have already broken free and taken control of Celestial. The player characters arrive in the midst of an ambush of TIE fighters from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Relentless.

What appears to be a standard adventure where Rebels battle Imperials soon changes, however, when the players attempt to escape into hyperspace. Their hyperdrive malfunctions, and they find themselves in otherspace, home of the mysterious death-worshipping Charon. They also discover that Celestial is also in otherspace, and has been captured by the Charon flagship Desolate. Their only hope of escape is to board Desolate to find the parts to repair their hyperdrive—and in the process, try to stop the Charon's planned invasion of the galaxy.


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