Otherspace II: Invasion is an adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game written by Douglas Kaufman. A sequel to Otherspace, it was published by West End Games in 1989.

Publisher's summary[]

Death stalks the galaxy. The dread Charon, destroyers of worlds, killers of galaxies, have found their way into realspace. If they are not stopped—and soon—the Rebels' galaxy, too, will die.

In a remote, little-traveled corner of the galaxy, the Alliance safe-world of Stronghold floats serenely against the bloody backdrop of Rebellion and Empire. Here, families of Alliance warriors hide, safe from Imperial attack.

But something has gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

There has been no contact with Stronghold for weeks. No comm reports, no ship traffic. Nothing. It is as though the entire planet has vanished. Six Alliance personnel race to Stronghold to find out what has happened to the planet—and to their friends and loved ones hiding there.

Six Rebels—against the Invasion!

Plot summary[]

Grand Moff Ravik, a villain from the adventure Otherspace, has tried to wrest control of the Charon warriors on board their flagship, Desolate, from the Charon leader Ber'asco. Shortly after the Rebel operatives in Otherspace escaped, he sent Desolate to Stronghold to attack the Rebel forces there. However, Ber'asco attempted to take control of Desolate's biocomputer, thus causing problems with the hyperspace jump from otherspace. As a result, the Charon flagship has crashed on Stronghold. The remaining Charon have attacked the Rebels on Stronghold, but are stuck on the planet until they can find and take control of hyperspace-capable starships.

Meanwhile, a group of Rebels—the player characters—have been sent to investigate the lack of communication from Stronghold. When they arrive, they must take the lead in defeating the Charon. Otherwise, their invasion will spread throughout the galaxy.


  • Introduction
  • Episode One: To Meet a Madman
  • Episode Two: The Surface of Stronghold
  • Episode Three: Stronghold
  • Pullout Section
  • Episode Four: The Storm Moves In
  • Episode Five: The Battle Begins
  • Episode Six: Aftermath


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