Otis Frampton is a comic book writer and illustrator who has contributed 406 sketch cards to the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith trading card collection and created content for StarWars.com, including two Star Wars Kids: Learn To Draw tutorials (Yoda and Salacious Crumb) and an Emperor Palpatine Halloween mask.

He is also an artist on the YouTube series How It Should Have Ended and has worked on several of the Star Wars parodies that the series has produced.

After pitching a potential comic book series called Star Wars: Jawa Adventures for several months, he was contacted by IDW Publishing to create a variant cover for the eighth issue of their Star Wars Adventures comic book series featuring his Jawas,[1] but also a 7-page Tales from Wild Space back-up comic for the issue.[2]

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"Yoda" by Otis Frampton

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