"No! Mesa People are bein destroyen!"
―Boss Gallo, during the destruction of Otoh Sancture[2]

Otoh Sancture was a wealthy Gungan settlement on the planet Naboo ruled by Boss Gallo and located west of Lake Paonga. It was destroyed by carnivorous bursas under the command of the warlord Boss Rogoe in the year 3000 BBY while Gallo was out hunting nerfs for the annual Sacred Feast. Gallo later rebuilt the town and used it to recruit a small army to defeat the bursas.


Otoh Sancture was a Gungan stronghold[4] on the planet of Naboo. It was located in the Gungan Swamp on a peninsula just west of Lake Paonga and was surrounded on three sides by cliffs and a river, and on the fourth side by a forest. The city contained thirty-one prefab shelters, a command center, seven sentry towers, a food processing center, a carbon processing center, an animal nursery, and four farms before it was destroyed in 3000 BBY. Otoh Sancture's original fauna included several non-sentient glurrg workers that were killed during the city's fall.[2]


The destruction of Otoh Sancture

During a war between the numerous Gungan tribes in the year 3000 BBY,[1] Otoh Sancture remained neutral and under the control of the wealthy Boss Gallo. As a result, Otoh Sancture became a hub for a large amount of trade, commerce, gossip, and spying. Its location west of Lake Paonga made it a way-station and go-between for all the local tribes, which resulted in a large amount of revenue for the city and its inhabitants. Sometime during the war between the tribes, the city celebrated the annual Sacred Feast, a tradition that required the Boss of each city to hunt and gather enough animals to feed the entire population of the village. While Gallo was out hunting nerfs for the Feast, he heard a villager's cry for help as a clan of bursas, large semi-sentient carnivores, had attacked and destroyed Otoh Sancture, killing all the residents and glurrg workers. Gallo mourned greatly for the loss of his people.[2]

After roaming in the forest for a short amount of time, Gallo was told by a militiagung from an enemy militia that the warlord Boss Rogoe was responsible for the death of Gallo's people. In honor of those killed by the bursas, Gallo eventually rebuilt the city in a new area just east of the old location and abundant in nova crystals, ore, food, and trees—which could be used as a source of carbon—as all four were necessary resources. He used the new settlement to recruit a small force, with which Gallo attacked and defeated the bursa clan that had since made its nests in the ruins of the old city. After the victory at Otoh Sancture, Gallo went on to unite the Gungan tribes, forming the Gungan Grand Army, which he used to defeat Rogoe.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Otoh Sancture appears in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds[2] and its 2002 expansion pack, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns.[5] The city is destroyed during the game's first Gungan campaign mission, "Otoh Sancture," during a scripted event. When the city is rebuilt, it is left up to the player as to how it is built and what buildings are included.[2] The city also received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008, where it is described as an underwater stronghold, in contrast to the terrestrial city seen in the video game.[4]



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