Otoh Urs was a Gungan city on Naboo some 3000 years before the Battle of Naboo.


Otoh Urs was a city on the planet Naboo[2] in 3000 BBY during the time of the War of the Gungan tribes.[1] During Boss Gallo's efforts to unite the Gungan villages and defeat Boss Rogoe, Otoh Urs was led by Boss Copek and the town included a Command center. The Gungans in Otoh Urs had to face Bursa raids and when Boss Gallo and Captain Marsune came asking for soldiers to fight Rogoe, they could not spare them because they were needed for the defense against Bursas. Gallo, Marsune, and their militiagungs solved the problem by destroying the Bursa clan that was raiding their town. After the battle, Boss Copek agreed to go to war against Rogoe.

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Otoh Jahai appears in the Gungan campaign in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion pack Clone Campaigns.



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