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The Otolla lineage of Gungans was the race that Jar Jar Binks, Augara Jowil, and Captain Roos Tarpals belonged to, along with the majority of the Gungan species. The Otolla species had long ears and eyes on extendable and retractable stalks, unlike the Ankura Gungans (of whom Boss Nass was an example) who had hooded eyes, green skin, and wide, broad heads. Otolla skin was either orange or purple in hue.

The Otolla had been distant and separate from the Ankuras until Gallo, an Ankuran, and Marsune, an Otolla, were united against Rogoe and later founded Otoh Gunga which brought all of the Gungans together in a unified community, under the Gungan High Council.

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