"Agent Ottau, Republic SIS. Welcome to Ord Mantell. Hope you enjoy war zones, Master Jedi. This planet's full of them."

Ottau was a Human male who worked for the Republic Strategic Information Service during the Cold War against the Sith Empire. In 3643 BBY, General Var Suthra tasked Ottau with tracing a transmission from the Sith Lord Darth Angral, which Ottau tracked to a secret Imperial listening post on the planet Ord Mantell. Ottau then passed on his reconnaissance to a Jedi Knight sent by Suthra, and the Jedi attacked the listening post, recovering valuable data.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"General Var Suthra had me send a probe droid to the hyperspace data transceiver's location. I learned two things. First, it's on an island. Second, they don't like visitors there. My probe droid wound up disintegrated. Make sure that doesn't happen to you, eh?"

Ottau worked as an agent for the Republic Strategic Information Service, the Galactic Republic's intelligence agency, during the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire.[1] In 3643 BBY,[2] the Sith Lord Tarnis attempted to use the Planet Prison superweapon against the Republic capital of Coruscant, and he contacted his father, the Sith Lord Darth Angral, via a long-range hyperspace transmission. Tarnis was killed by a Jedi Knight before he could use the Planet Prison, prompting Angral to declare a personal war against the Republic as a result.[3] In order to determine Angral's plans, General Var Suthra sent Agent Ottau to trace Tarnis's transmission back to its source.[1]

Ottau soon identified the origin of the transmission as an Imperial listening post on the planet Ord Mantell and attempted to investigate the facility on Suthra's orders—but the probe droid he sent to the island facility was quickly destroyed by the Imperials stationed there. Retreating to the Republic garrison of Fort Garnik to the south of the target, he awaited the Jedi Knight sent by Suthra to investigate the facility. The Jedi—the same Knight who had killed Tarnis—brought along the astromech droid T7-O1 to meet with Ottau, who gave the pair an estimate of the base's defenses. The duo assaulted the listening post and were successful in accessing the facility's hyperspace transceiver, from which T7-O1 downloaded information on Angral's plans. The Knight and the droid then returned to Ottau and informed him of the mission's success, and the agent began gathering a team to secure the now undefended listening post for the Republic.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Personally, I prefer life in the shadows. It lasts longer."

A tan-skinned Human, Ottau had long, brown hair and blue eyes. Ottau was trained as a covert agent and preferred intelligence gathering to combat, and he disliked using blaster weaponry.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ottau appears in the Jedi Knight-class mission "New Intelligence" in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released by BioWare in 2011.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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