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This article is about the Ottega system located in the Ottega sector and also known as Ithori system.
You may be looking for Ado sector's Ithori system.

The Ottega system,[1] also called the Ottegan system,[4] the Ithori system[5] or Ithorian system,[6] was a star system located in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster[1] of the Mid Rim's Ottega sector.[2] It centered around the star Ottega, and its orbitals included Ithor, an asteroid belt, and two gas giant.[1]

The unusually dense outer portions of the Ottega system consisted of 69 planets and 565 moons.[1]

In 3 ABY, Imperial forces loyal to the Galactic Empire were tasked with the destruction of Imperial traitors who had aligned themselves with the Rebel Alliance while under the command of the treacherous Admiral Harkov. Having dealt with Harkov himself, Darth Vader led a task force into the Ottega system that eventually saw the complete destruction of Harkov's traitor forces and the Rebels who had attempted to intervene. It was during this campaign that Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin launched his coup d'etat against Emperor Palpatine in his attempt to usurp control of the Empire.

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