The sentient Selonians resembled otters.

An otter was a type of creature. One species of otter, the Klepthian rock otter,[1] was native to[2] the Klepthia system in the Expansion Region's Tynna sector.[3] When the rock otters fed on basalt clams, the former chewed intensely on the shells of the latter.[1]

Otters resembled the Tynnans,[4] a bipedal,[5] aquatic,[6] sentient species native to the planet Tynna,[4] also located in the Tynna sector.[3] The Selonians,[7] fur-coated sentients inhabiting the[6] Core Worlds[8] planet Selonia,[6] and the flying bulfusi creature of the Core planet Corulag both also resembled otters.[9]

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Otters were first mentioned in Elizabeth Hand's 2002 novel Boba Fett: Hunted.[7] In the real world, otters are furred aquatic mammals which eat fish and clams.[10]

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