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A male warlord ruled the Ottethan Empire several decades before the Clone Wars. He was known for being autocratic and vulgar. After falling to the dark side, Neema-Da-Boda and her group of friends joined with him, and Neema became his mistress. He befriended Neema's companions to gain their help, learning from them simple defenses against the Force.[1]

He slept with many of Neema's friends, but because her mother, Vima-Da-Boda, objected, Neema only grew closer to him. Finally, they married in an elaborate wedding, but she came to despise the warlord, who then abandoned Neema for his dozens of other women. When Neema tried to use the dark side against him, she failed due to the defenses he had learned, and he threw her into his oubliette.[1]

Neema languished there for months, repenting her ways and finally sending a telepathic plea to her mother around 31 BBY. Vima hurried to her daughter's rescue, to arrive just after the warlord had ordered Neema be loosed in Ottethan's forests to be eaten by wild rancors. In anger, Vima killed the warlord with a single lightsaber swing, giving herself over to the dark side just like her daughter before her.[1]


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