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"Whatever those creatures are, they can't take the sun."
"Good, but do you see the size of that asteroid? That's going to block out the sun for a long time."
―Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren[5]

"Out of Darkness" is the seventh episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. It is the seventh episode of the series overall.[2]

The episode was written by Kevin Hopps and directed by Steward Lee. It was released on WatchDisneyXD.com on November 3, 2014 and made its television debut on November 10.

The episode centers around Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren undertaking a mission to an old Grand Army of the Republic asteroid base, where they intend to meet an informant named "Fulcrum"—who Syndulla has been in frequent contact with for information about the Galactic Empire—and to pick up crates of supplies. Wren, who did not know about "Fulcrum," feels that she is not trusted. After surviving against deadly fyrnocks on the base, Wren is able to overcome those trust issues, with Syndulla asking her to have faith in their growing rebellion.

Official description[]

Their relationship strained over trust issues, Hera and Sabine team up for a supply run but find an unexpected danger waiting.

Plot summary[]

Outrunning the Empire[]

Phantom vs TIE fighter

The Phantom fleeing TIE fighters

The episode opens with the VCX-series auxiliary starfighter Phantom being pursued by several TIE fighters in the canyons of Lothal. Sabine Wren asks if they should be firing back but Hera Syndulla tells her to "stay calm because it is all part of the plan." When Ezra Bridger expresses doubt, Hera tells him that he should know better. Hera uses the Phantom's rear turret to blast a TIE fighter out of the sky. Hera boasts that no fighter in the Imperial Navy can outrun her. Hera says she is reluctant to teach Ezra how to fly her ship. Just then, the three remaining TIE fighters close in on the Phantom.

As the Phantom takes enemy fire, Sabine tells Hera that she has gotten them into a "fine mess" and questions the reliability of their intelligence source "Fulcrum." Ezra tells Hera to focus on not getting them killed. In exasperation, Hera tells her subordinates to hang on as she flies the Phantom through a narrow ravine. One of the TIE fighters crashes but the Phantom's steering vane is damaged. As the Phantom leads the two remaining TIEs on a chase, Sabine demands to know what was in that convoy and why it was so important. Hera curtly replies that Fulcrum's intelligence is provided on a "need-to-know" basis. Sabine is not satisfied. Hera uses the Phantom's rear turret to blast a nearby mountain. The resulting cloud of debris causes the two remaining TIE fighters to collide with each other. Despite their escape, the Phantom has sustained damage to its fuel tank.

Sabine's doubts[]

After returning to the VCX-100 light freighter Ghost, Hera reunites with Kanan Jarrus. Hera tells Kanan she and her crew are fine but that the Phantom has sustained some damage. After bantering with Kanan, Hera tells Garazeb Orrelios to ready the Phantom for another of Fulcrum's supply runs. She tells him to fix the ship's steering and to run a diagnostic scan. Hera also assigns Ezra and the C1-series astromech droid Chopper to help Zeb. While Ezra and Zeb bicker, Sabine sulks.

Heras daring move

Sabine questioning Hera's leadership

Hera takes the Ghost into hyperspace. In the cockpit, Hera discusses her previous mission with Kanan. Despite the reliability of Fulcrum's information in taking out the target, Hera remarks that they underestimated the Imperial defenses. Kanan replies that it is getting harder to anticipate the Empire's moves. Sabine interrupts to ask Hera and Kanan why they are relying on Fulcrum's intelligence. Kanan replies that it is Hera's job to find missions that create havoc for the Empire and "profit for them." He defends Hera's decision to trust Fulcrum.

In response, Sabine counters that she was taught not to ask questions while studying at the Imperial Academy and that it did not work out well for her. She reiterates that this is why she joined the Spectres. Kanan compliments her for her services but Sabine expresses frustration. She tells Hera that she is coming on the next supply run to meet Fulcrum. Hera replies that Sabine can be "pretty frustrating too."

Mischief aboard the Ghost[]

Meanwhile, Zeb expresses frustration at the length of the Phantom's diagnostic scan. Ezra is almost finished repairing the steering. Zeb orders Chopper to purge the filters. The droid obliges but releases the contents onto an unhappy Ezra. Checking the computer, Zeb reports that the steering and life support are back in order. Ezra coughs from the dust but Zeb laughs at him. Ezra is not amused with Chopper's prank and leaps on top of the mischievous droid. While Ezra and Chopper squabble, Zeb tells them that the diagnostic scan is not yet finished.

A cheeky Ezra tells the Lasat to fix it himself as Chopper runs over Zeb's foot with one of his ambulatory struts. Zeb runs after the two and ignores the computer, which reports a fuel leak on the Phantom's hull. As they exit hyperspace, Zeb tries to restrain the squabbling Ezra and Chopper. Just then, Hera and Sabine enter the engine room. Zeb and Erza report that the steering and life support have been fixed. Zeb and Ezra pursue Chopper while Hera and Sabine depart on the Phantom.

Faith and trust[]

Out of Darkness

Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren on their mission to Fort Anaxes

Hera and Sabine depart on the Phantom. During the journey, Sabine asks if Fulcrum is just another smuggler like Vizago and why the need for secrecy. Hera responds that it is no secret they are fighting the Empire and need as many allies as they can get. Sabine expresses frustration at Hera's evasiveness. Just then, the comlink rings and Fulcrum contacts Hera. Sabine defiantly tries to talk to Fulcrum but Hera reasserts her authority. Fulcrum relays her instructions and Sabine reiterates her demand to speak with Fulcrum.

Fulcrum asks "Spectre Two" what is the problem. Hera reassures her that the situation is under control and explains that "Spectre Five" decided to help with the supply run. Hera curtly tells Sabine her help is not appreciated while Sabine sulks. The Phantom lands at Fort Anaxes on the asteroid PM-1203; one of the remnants of the shattered planet Anaxes. Upon landing, Sabine demands to know where Fulcrum is with Hera suggesting that maybe Fulcrum did not like her attitude. As they exit the Phantom, fuel starts to leak from the shuttle's hull.

Hera and Sabine begin loading crates. Unknown to them, they are being watched by a Fyrnock. While loading the supplies, Sabine apologizes for her difficult attitude and expresses her concern that things are getting more dangerous. Sabine tells Hera that she and Kanan can trust her. Hera reassures Sabine that she trusts her but that they have to maintain secrecy in order to protect the whole crew in the event that one of them is captured. Sabine disagrees but Hera counters that the Imperials have a way of making everyone talk. When Sabine responds that this is why she needs to know, Hera counters that Sabine already knows what she "needs to know" and implores the Mandalorian to trust her.

Sabine finds it hard to trust anyone due to her experiences as an Imperial cadet on Mandalore. Sabine says she followed orders blindly and that it was a nightmarish experience. While loading, Sabine tells Hera that she wants to know that they are making a difference. Sabine expresses doubt that they can take down the Empire on their own and reiterates that she does not want to walk into another nightmare. Hera tells Sabine to have faith that the rebels have a long-term plan that is bigger than them, Lothal, and the entire Outer Rim. Hera tells Sabine to have faith in her and Kanan.

Fyrnocks attack

Hera and Sabine were ambushed by fyrnocks

Danger at Fort Anaxes[]

Hera finds that something has taken one of the crates away and left claw imprints behind. Sabine suspects Fulcrum but Hera replies that nobody else knows about the base's location. Hera recalls that Fort Anaxes was abandoned after the Clone Wars and ponders why someone would drag the crate when they could easily activate the anti-grav. Sabine observes that the sunrise comes fast in these parts. The two rebels explore the abandoned base and find that someone has ripped open the crate. Seeing a wrecked LAAT gunship, Hera realizes that they are dealing with a creature.

As Sabine asks why the base was abandoned, they hear some movement and animal cries. The two retreat only to encounter a fyrnock. The two manage to use their blasters to fight their way out of the cave. The fyrnock does not follow because it is afraid of sunlight. Hera and Sabine realize they are safe as long as the sun shines on the base. Sabine points out that a nearby asteroid can block the sunlight. Sabine and Hera load the last crate and prepare to depart. However, Hera discovers that the Phantom has run out of fuel.

Back on the Ghost, Zeb is settling down to a meal of space waffles when Ezra enters the room riding an unwilling Chopper. Chopper manages to free himself by hurling Ezra onto the table. Enraged, Zeb grabs Ezra and plants his foot on Chopper's head. They then receive a distress call from Hera. Zeb releases the two before answering Hera on his comlink. Hera demands to know if they did a proper diagnostic scan. After consulting the computer, Zeb discovers that the Phantom had a damaged fuel line.

Kanan is meditating in his quarters when he hears Ezra and Zeb arguing outside. The three enter but Kanan, who has already been listening to their conversation, tells them that he already knows Hera and Sabine are in danger. When Ezra asks about Kanan's Jedi powers, Kanan replies that he could hear them yelling outside. Kanan tells Hera that they are on their way.

Working together[]

Sabine and Hera take cover

Sabine and Hera reconciled their differences amidst adversity

Back at Fort Anaxes, Sabine opines that Kanan will not get there in time. Hera thinks it is not a good idea to take shelter in the Phantom due to the ripped up shuttle inside the cave. The two decide to stand their ground. Sabine finds several rhydonium canisters. Since they do not know how many fyrnocks are inside, Sabine convinces Hera to help her arrange the rhydonium canisters in clusters so that they can take out the creatures one wave at a time. When Hera asks how they are going to try out their plan, Sabine replies that they are the bait. Working together, the two manage to arrange the rhydonium canisters into clusters before an asteroid blocks out the sun.

A fyrnock charges forward but Sabine and Hera shoot the first cluster, blowing up the creature. Other fyrnocks follow and the two rebels lure the pack towards the second cluster. They manage to wipe out the second wave. Hera praises Sabine for her ingenuity. A third wave charges out but the rebels manage to blow up more rhydonium canisters. They manage to wipe out the fourth wave but the fyrnocks encircle them by walking around the rhydonium clusters. Having run out of rhydonium canisters, Hera and Syndulla retreat on top of the Phantom to fight off the fifth wave with blasters.

Before the fyrnocks can finish them off, the Ghost arrives. Kanan uses the ship's search lights to scatter the creatures while Ezra and Zeb open the gangplank and use their weapons to drive off the fyrnocks. Ezra tries to use his energy slingshot but is menaced by one of the creatures. Sabine drives the fyrnock away while Zeb throws the remaining creatures off the Ghost's gangplank. Several fyrnocks climb onto the Ghost's hull but Hera reroutes the auxiliary power to the hull, electrocuting the intruders. Hera tells Chopper to reroute coolant to the hull. In the cargo hold, Ezra tries to thank Sabine but she tells him "not to read too much into it." After retrieving the Phantom with magnetic locks, the Spectres depart into space.


Later, Zeb and Ezra apologize to Hera for their sloppy work and offer to fix the Phantom. Chopper tries to deflect blame, as Ezra and Zeb glare at him. Hera is not worried, but Sabine remarks that their incompetence almost caused them to end up as "lunch." In private, Hera tells Sabine she understands her questions but tells her that she has secrets to keep. Hera tells Sabine that she trusted her with her life at Fort Anaxes. Sabine in return agrees to trust Hera with her life.


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