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Outbid But Never Outgunned is a 16-page comic featured in Star Wars Tales 7, written by Beau Smith and art by Mike Deodato, Jr., Neil Nelson and Dave McCaig. It features the first appearance of Boba Fett's former wife, Sintas Vel, and their daughter, Ailyn Vel. It was canonized in Unusual Suspects, an article in Star Wars Gamer 6.

Plot summary[]

The Holographic Image of Boba, Sintas and their child.

The story begins with Boba Fett, ruthless Bounty Hunter and fearless Mandalorian interrogating a slimeball. Boba is dragging the corpulent thug behind his swoop stopping in front of a cave which houses a Globblin. As the hungry creature approaches the lowlife, he gives Fett a disc containing information that Boba had been asking for.

Fett releases the thug and flies away on his swoop bike, leaving the fat scum to be eaten by the Globblin.

Later Boba activates the holodisk that the slimeball gave him. The image of a plump extravagantly clothed man appears. He has something Boba wants and demands 6.3 million credits for it, or it will go to the highest bidder. Watching the fat businessman whose name is Pizztove, taunt him, Boba angrily crushes a rock that he is holding to dust.

In the city of Bidamount a wily gangster working for a business man named Pizztov is attacked by a bounty hunter named Sintas Vel. She demands to know where Pizztov is.

A few minutes later in Pizztov's office an explosion takes out the wall, Sintas walks through the smoke and kills Pizztov's bodyguard. She demands an item that Pizztov stole from her. Suddenly another bodyguard comes up behind Sintas and is about to crush her, when a shot hits his neck. Pizztov turns and to his horror, there stands "F-F-Fett." Trying several times to negotiate his way out of the predicament alive, Pizztov realizes that "this does not bode well" for him at all. He decides it is "Time to be rude" and shoots at Fett and throws his nearby girlfriend at Sintas. Pizztov then leaps down a hole created by Sintas's entrance.

After taking a moment to acknowledge each other Boba and Sintas leave so that they can capture Pizztov. Sintas takes the most direct route and jumps down the hole after Pizztov, however Boba takes a different route and casually heads out the door.

Sintas catches up with Pizztov quickly and shoots him in the back. She picks up the "canister" she and Boba both want and is about to open it when a shot hits her arm causing the canister to fly out of her hand. Boba stands there holding a smoking blaster. Pizztov awakens and grabs one of Sintas' blasters and fires at Boba. Fortunately for Fett, Pizztov forgot to aim. Fett picks up his blaster and kills Pizztov. Boba picks up the canister and explains to Sintas that without Pizztov's retina scan the canister would have killed her.

Boba activates the canister which reveals a holo of Boba holding Sintas, who is cradling a baby. Boba hands the canister to the tearful Sintas telling her that "your wounds will heal" but Sintas whispers after him "some never do"


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Behind the scenes[]

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This story was the first to reveal that Boba Fett may have had a lover (known only as Sintas) and produced offspring (unnamed), though the canonicity was probably disputed by fans at the time of the story's release.

The History of the Mandalorians later confirmed the existence of Sintas Vel, once married to Boba, and their daughter, Ailyn Vel.

Leland Chee has confirmed that Ailyn's appearance in The History of the Mandalorians has made Outbid But Never Outgunned canon.[source?] Further canonicity was solidified with Ailyn's appearance in Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, as well as the family holo appearing in Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead 3.


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