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The Outbound Flight Colony was the name of the government established by the survivors of the crash of the Outbound Flight in the Redoubt. The government system of the colony was based on a corporate model, in the hope of escaping the problems plaguing the Galactic Republic at the time of their departure. The governing document was the Charter.

The Colony was socially divided into Survivors (those who had been members of the original crew at the time of the crash) and the Colonists (those who had been born afterward). Both groups were mandated to have representation in the Managing Council, the Colony's legislature. The Council shared power with the Director, and both were responsible for making policy decisions.

The Colony's law enforcement members were called the Peacekeepers, and they were led by the Guardian of the People. The Colony had a strict policy of exiling Force-sensitive individuals to D-Three.

In 22 ABY, the Colony was disbanded after the Chiss discovered the site, and the survivors were relocated to the Empire of the Hand.


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