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The Outcasts of Kkowir Forest were a group of sentients who had been exiled from Kerritamba Village within the Kkowir Forest on Kashyyyk. As a result, they were in constant conflict with the village. They resided in a webweaver cave north of the Great Tree. Their leader during 1 ABY was a female Human named Lady Dahlia Damask.

History[edit | edit source]

Dahlia Damask, leader of the Outcast society.

In 1 ABY, a spacer arrived in Kerritamba Village and began assisting its residents with the various problems they had. In doing so, the spacer had insulted one of Kerritamba's champions, Wirartu. The angered Wookiee challenged the spacer to a honorable, non-lethal duel, which the spacer accepted. After soundly defeating Wirartu, the spacer brutally killed the Wookiee. This act solidified the spacer's dishonor among the villagers and they were exiled from the village by its chief, Kerritamba.

After wandering through the forest in exile, the spacer eventually discovered the caverns which housed the other exiles of the village. Calling themselves the Outcasts, they welcomed the spacer as a member and set them to work on proving their worth. Their first task was to collect various supplies from the forest, such as mouf and webweaver meat along with supply cases from an abandoned Imperial camp. Their second task was to collect poison sacs and bones from the webweavers in the cave, and to kill their brood mother, Ves'ad. The spacer was rewarded for their service with a special sinew-wrapped knife made from the webweaver parts they had previously collected.

Their third and final task, delivered to them personally by Dahlia Damask, was to directly attack Kerritamba Village. The spacer was first instructed to attack Kerritamba warriors near the village, to thin their numbers. Afterward, they were directed to assassinate one of their warchiefs by the name of Naloriss. After these were done, their final duty was to distract the warriors of the village while an Outcast assassin infiltrated the village and murdered Chief Kerritamba. During the skirmish, the spacer killed another one of the Kerritamba's champions by the name of Olayyyk.

The spacer returned to the Outcast's cavernous home victorious. They were heralded as a hero and the spacer was personally thanked by Dahlia. She rewarded them with a LD-1 target blaster rifle and named the spacer an Exemplar of Outcast society.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Outcasts are one of the many groups of people that players may receive quests from in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. During the course of the long chain, the player may choose not to kill Wirartu, earning them the admiration and respect of both Wirartu and Kerritamba Village. They may then continue doing quests from the village in their fight against the Outcasts and the village's other enemy, the Sayormi. Until an official source says otherwise, both series of events are believed to have happened.

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