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Outer Rim Basic,[3] or just Outer Rim[9] and also known as Huttese,[10] was a 26-letter writing system that was used in the Outer Rim Territories to transcribe Galactic Basic Standard, although it was originally created for another language.[9] Sometimes, it was used in conjunction with Aurebesh, another alphabet commonly used in written Basic.[3]


Republic Era[]

During the Boonta Eve Classic where young Anakin Skywalker won his freedom, Outer Rim Basic numbers were used on the lap counter in the Mos Espa Grand Arena, featuring the numerals for "3", "2" and "1". The console monitors on his podracer, and Shmi Skywalker's viewscreen, also featured Outer Rim Basic numerals.[8]

The names of Hutt's Grotto and Converter Station, two businesses at Stobar Spaceport during the Clone Wars,[7] and Havoc Outpost[1] and Horizon Base during the Galactic Civil War, was written in Outer Rim Basic.[2]

When Anakin Skywalker and Clone Force 99 infiltrated Admiral Trench's flagship Invulnerable and managed to obtain permission to dock with the Separatist Dreadnought, one of the green monitors aboard the ship read "VERIFIED" in Outer Rim Basic.[11]

During the Clone Wars, the Pyke Stronghold's refinery control room console on Oba Diah used Outer Rim Basic.[4]

Imperial era[]

During the early years of the Empire, Cid's Parlor in Ord Mantell City had a poster on the wall advertising "Master Woopen" and "Berlith Farapon" and printed in Outer Rim Basic.[5]

Credit Exchange, a graffiti mural in the Capital City of Lothal, was comprised of two halves, the first half of reading "CREDIT" in Aurebesh, and "EXCHANGE" in Outer Rim Basic; while the other half spelled out "EXCHANGE" in Aurebesh, accompanied by the word "CREDIT" written in Outer Rim Basic on both sides of the word "exchange".[12]

Jho, the owner of Old Jho's Pit Stop on Lothal, used Outer Rim Basic for his name on the sign above the cantina entrance.[3] He also wore clothing with the same logo.[13]

The logo for a Plop Dribble's diner at Havoc Outpost was written in Outer Rim Basic and Aurebesh.[1]

New Republic Era[]

The logo of the Kintan Striders Gang was a stylized letter "K" in Outer Rim Basic.[14]

The sign over the entrance to the Mos Eisley Mod Parlor featured a hand painted krayt dragon skeleton, whose ribs formed the word "MODIFIER" written in Outer Rim Basic.[15]

Holographic barricade tape at a crime scene on Plazir-15 read "CAUTION" in Aurebesh, and "CHESS KO"[6] (Huttese for "careful"; as in "be careful")[8] in Outer Rim Basic.[6]

Hype Fazon, a Rodian pilot who served with Ace Squadron, wore a patch on the left shoulder of his flight jacket printed with the letters "JHO" in Outer Rim Basic,[16] the same as the logo from Old Jho's Pit Stop on the planet Lothal.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Outer Rim Basic map

A fan mapping of Outer Rim Basic

Outer Rim Basic was created for the 1999 movie Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, in which it was featured during the podracing sequence on Tatooine. Numerals in this alphabet are notably shown on the podracers' control panels. The numerals for "3", "2" and "1" are also featured on the lap indicators at the Mos Espa Grand Arena.[8]

In concept art for the Hutt swamp speeder created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Hunt for Ziro," there was a warning in Outer Rim Basic around the engines, reading "DANGER STATIC ELECTRICITY".[10] However, this does not appear in the actual episode.[17]


Jhos badge

"Jho" in Outer Rim Basic


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