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"…sometimes economic pressures are not enough to guarantee success—as you well know, Governor. Or do you believe you could simply have bought off the pirates who harassed this sector for so long? Of course not. Eriadu established the Outland Regions Security Force to deal with them. You went to war."
Count Dooku, to Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The Outland Regions Security Force was a paramilitary force established by the planet Eriadu and the Greater Seswenna for the protection of the Seswenna sector. The organization was established as a response to the inaction of the Galactic Republic's Judicial Forces in dealing with pirates and privateers in the sector. The Security Force was founded using off-world loans, and were armed with ships built on Eriadu and Sluis Van. The forces faced a pirate alliance known as Q'anah's Marauders, but were eventually able to defeat the pirates in the years prior to the Battle of Naboo using their anti-pirate taskforce.[1]

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