Outland Transit Station was a massive space outpost owned by a Toydarian named Rozatta. Its key attractions were the pit beast fighting arenas and Merchant Row. It was colloquially known as simply Outland Station.


The station was divided into several districts. There was the Entertainment District, which contained the gladiatorial arena (famous for its beast fights). There was Merchant's Row, which housed places of business where vendors sold their wares and merchants carried out interstellar trade. Finally, there was the docking area which housed the ships of visitors to the station. This area featured an elaborate system of conveyor belts which transferred cargo to and from waiting ships. Magnetic sealers were used to protect volatile cargo.


Outland Transit Station was built above a barren planetoid, until partially destroyed by the bounty hunter Montross in an attempt to kill Jango Fett, shortly after the Invasion of Naboo. During that time, Dexter Jettster operated a weapons shop on the station, where he supplied mercenaries and bounty hunters[2] however, following the attack on the station, Jettster eventually relocated to the planet of Coruscant.

At the end of the Clone Wars, the Besadii and several allied kajidics repaired and refurbished Outland Transit Station in an effort to further their control of the spice trade.[3] By the Galactic Civil War, the station had become a common destination for traders heading into Hutt Space from the Baxel sector and the site of many intrigues among smugglers, rebels, Hutt operatives and Imperial agents during the Galactic Civil War.[1]



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