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For other uses, see Outlander (disambiguation).

"Outlander," known as Ootman in Huttese, was a term used to describe an individual not from a specific planet, or anyone considered to be an outsider to a certain culture or way of life.


The leader of the Alliance that opposed the Eternal Empire was known as "The Outlander", as a result of Prince Arcann's proclamation following the death of Emperor Valkorion in 3636 BBY.

Watto used the term to describe Qui-Gon Jinn when the Jedi Master visited Tatooine in 32 BBY.

The Force Blank Granta Omega was called an "outlander" by the Haariden troops that he paid to attack the Jedi on their homeworld in his quest to take over the marketing of bacta through a titanite mining venture in 26 BBY. The troops could not recall Omega's appearance, were unable to remember at all what he looked like.[1]

Princess Calvaria of Fondor's jungle-moon Nallastia called the parents of Klay Firewell "outlanders" when she accused them of trespassing and harboring an untoward (poaching) interest in the "sacred creatures of Nallastia" in 23 BBY.[2]

The small Gwurran nomad Tooqui—an Ansionian pygmy who stole provisions from the Jedi on Ansion in 22 BBY, before the Clone Wars—called Padawan Barriss Offee "small-head outland big-lips" and the Jedi party that accompanied her "nasty ugly outlander strangers."[3]

That same year, Voyla called Passel Argente an outlander when he came to Ryloth. And Anakin Skywalker was called the "Demon Outlander" by the Tusken Raiders after he slaughtered a camp of Tusken Raiders for murdering his mother.



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