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Outpost 327, also known as Imperial Colony Outpost 327, was a Golan Space Colony 2-type facility located in the Zhar system, it appeared to function as a cargo depot of sorts and was usually surrounded by various types of freighters and cargo containers, as well as provide a docking facility for shuttles and transports. It was heavily defended, at one point in 4 ABY its defenses included a squadron of TIE/LN starfighters, two squadrons of TIE/IN interceptors and a squadron of TIE/sa bombers, as well as the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Inexorable. However, it was unclear whether these were the actual station's defenses, or Judicator's own complement of starfighters.


The interior of the Outpost. Tydirium can be seen on the right of the tunnel.

At this time, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttles Tydirium, Deuterium, Illudium, Iridium, Mercurium, Uranium, Viridium and Xiridium were also docked on the outpost, until the former was stolen by Rebel Alliance pilot Ace Azzameen.

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Years after X-Wing Alliance was released, Kyle Katarn's Tale mentioned the fictional ore tydirium, establilshing that shuttle Tydirium also shares a name with an element.



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