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Outpost Beta was a sentry station near the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Echo Base on the planet Hoth. It was the outermost manned station around the perimeter of the base.[1] The outpost was protected by trench emplacements with 1.4 FD P-Towers and DF.9 laser batteries, and had a contingent of Rebel troopers.[2]

During the battle, Outpost Beta detected Imperial walkers two kilometers from the North Ridge.[1] Maren Kelsome, a young officer stationed at Outpost Beta, was the first individual to sight the towering All Terrain Armored Transports advancing toward the Rebel base, and informed General Carlist Rieekan, via Echo Station 3-T-8. Rieekan then ordered the outpost to be evacuated.

A group of AT-STs attacked the outpost, but defending Rebel soldiers with air support from Rogue Group were able to repel them before they could cause any serious damage.[2]



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