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"I wouldn't condemn the lowest beast to live in such squalor!"

Outsider Citadels were cities maintained by the offworlders who lived on the planet Cerea.


As part of an agreement with the Galactic Republic and the Council of Elders, several Outsider Citadels were built to house non-Cerean immigrants and visitors. The Citadels were enormous buildings that each housed an entire city, and were among the few locations where non-Cerean technology was allowed. They featured high density housing such as the Restwell Sleep Station where sentients were packed into sleeping boxes much like a contemporary morgue. The concentration of polluting technology and the relative lack of space caused some Citadels to devolve into environmentally contaminating and overpopulated ghettos. Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was strongly opposed to these citadels, because of their low quality environment. He felt that they were out of harmony with nature, as opposed to the Cerean capital Tecave City. Crime was rampant, despite the supervision of Cerean police forces.

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