Outworlder City, also known as Dry Ground, Safe At Last, Sanity, and Oorlglush in the Ergesh language, was a city on Ergeshui, the Ergesh homeworld, built for off-worlders in 20 BBY.

Outworlder City was built on huge metal supports that raised it above the soggy terrain. It was protected by a transparent dome from the Ergeshui hot and humid climate. Inside the dome the humidity level was kept at a comfortable level and the temperature at a constant 20 degree standard. A small starport was located just outside the dome, where a mechanical monorail shuttled people back and forth.

The city contained usual facilities vital to spacefarers, sush as cantinas, restaurants, medical facilities, equipment shops, casinos and hotels. Several galactic corporations had offices in the city including Loprana Soil-Enrichers. The New Republic embassy in the city was headed by Arvin Tadle.


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