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"My dad worked the line at the CEC plant before he got laid off…He wanted to be a pilot."
―Han Solo, to Landonis Balthazar Calrissian[2]

Ovan was a human[1] male who was the father of famed smuggler-turned-rebel Han Solo. He lived on Corellia during Solo's early years, where he worked in the Corellian Engineering Corporation shipyards, building vessels such as YT-1300 light freighters. Solo's father wished he could leave Corellia on such a ship, but was never able to afford to. According to Solo, who recounted his father's story to Landonis Balthazar Calrissian, he was never close with his father.[2] At some point, his father brought him to the freighter factory where he worked. His father pointed out that the ships being built there were his contributions to the galaxy, but that they ultimately did not matter. His father then advised him that Han was not meant to build ships, but rather to fly them.[3] Sometime afterwards when Han was young, his father abandoned him.[4]

Sometime between 8 BBY and 2 BBY,[5] Ovan reunited with his son when Solo returned to Corellia to recover the ashes of Krestrel D'Naran for Jabba Desilijic Tiure.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

"Since so many SW characters are orphans or the product of some great tragedy, we wanted the story of Han's parentage to hint at something more complex and less romantic. His father led a working-class life, full of disappointment, and he had a complicated, difficult relationship with his son."
―Jon Kasdan on Han's father[src]

Ovan was first mentioned, albeit indirectly, in the 2015 reference book Ultimate Star Wars.[6] He later made his first appearance in Han Solo & Chewbacca 1, the first issue of the Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca comic series written by Marc Guggenheim,[1] and published on March 9, 2022.[7] In Star Wars Legends, the character was identified as Jonash Solo.[8]

There are inconsistencies regarding the fate of Ovan. Ultimate Star Wars and its 2019 updated edition both state that Han was orphaned at a young age, indirectly indicating that his father died.[6][9] Mur Lafferty's novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story later stated that Ovan had abandoned Han.[4] This was later resolved in Han Solo & Chewbacca 1, where Ovan was established to still be alive.[1]

Solo's relationship with his father, as part of the backstory of the 2018 Anthology film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, was inspired by that of songwriter-musician Bruce Springsteen with his father Douglas, as writers Jon and Lawrence Kasdan both read Springteen's autobiography Born to Run around the time they were writing the film's script.[10]

Jon stated on Twitter that he believes that Han ran away from his father and that Han's father is still alive somewhere, drinking himself to death, however.[11]


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