«For stopping these evil schemes, we are all in your debt […]. I will send out a patrol to the area to make sure that no more of their research material is out there. You should tell the Geonosian the good news.»
―Ovarra, talking to a spacer[src]

Ovarra was a female Wookiee Chieftain who lived in the city of Kachirho on the planet Kashyyyk. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Ovarra was one of the judges at the trial of Ikvizi, a Geonosian scientist whom a group of Trandoshan slavers had framed for planning heinous crimes against the Wookiees. During the trial, Ikvizi hired a spacer to prove his innocence. The spacer found documents in the slavers' camp proving Ikvizi innocent and returned these documents to Ovarra. After examining the evidence, Ovarra decided that Ikvizi was innocent of most of his crimes, except for bribing a guard to let him examine a Wookiee corpse. However, Ovarra said she would ensure that Ikvizi received a lenient sentence.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ovarra was a female Wookiee Chieftain in the city of Kachirho on the planet of Kashyyyk. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Ovarra was one of the judges at the trial of Ikvizi, a Geonosian scientist who had come to Kachirho to study the Wookiees. While on Kashyyyk, Ikvizi had heard about a scientific camp in the outskirts of Kachirho, but when he went to meet them, he discovered the research camp was actually a group of Trandoshan slavers conducting painful experiments on Wookiee captives. Ikvizi decided he needed to help the Wookiee slaves, and sneaked into the camp to find proof and take it back to Kachirho. While he was going through the slavers' items, however, one of the Trandoshans found Ikvizi and knocked him out. Ikvizi was later found unconscious by a Wookiee hunting party in the woods with documents saying the Geonosian was planning on performing harmful experiments on the Wookiee population. He was captured by the Wookiees, thrown in jail, and was later sent to trial.[1]

During the trial, there were suddenly many people testifying against Ikvizi, saying they had seen the Geonosian engaging in suspicious activities around the city. The most notable of these testimonies was when Ikvizi bribed a guard to let him examine the corpse of a Wookiee hunter who had died in the Shadowlands, the dark ground level of Kashyyyk. While presiding over the trial, Ovarra was very skeptical of the evidence provided, but it still seemed that Ikvizi was going to be found guilty by the other judges.[1]

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During the trial, Ovarra was visited by a spacer while at Kachirho's center tree, the center of government for Kachirho. The spacer had been hired by Ikvizi to find documents in the Trandoshans' camp that proved that the slavers had framed the Geonosian. After a brief fight, the spacer killed several slavers and made it into the camp. There, the spacer found eight documents proving Ikvizi had not planned anything, and that the Trandoshans were guilty of doing illegal experiments on the Wookiees. The spacer gave these documents to Ovarra, and she cleared Ikvizi of the charges of planning to conduct dangerous experiments on the Wookiees. While Ikvizi was still charged with bribing the guard, Ovarra said she would try to get Ikvizi a lenient sentence. She then sent a patrol to stop the Trandoshans that remained at the camp so that they would not be able to continue harming the Wookiee populace.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Well, the fact remains that he did commit a crime by bribing one of our guards but I will see to it that he gets a lenient punishment for that."
―Ovarra, talking to the spacer[src]

As a chieftain, Ovarra had a sense of justice and upheld the law, such as when she still charged Ikvizi with bribing the guards to examine a Wookiee's corpse. However, she was not without compassion, as she said she would argue that the Geonosian would get a lenient sentence for his crimes. Ovarra had brown fur and black eyes.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

During her time as a chieftain, Ovarra wore a robe as her article of clothing.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ovarra made her first and only appearance in the Star Wars Galaxies expansion game Rage of the Wookiees, in which she was part of "The Imprisoned Geonosian" quest, an add-on quest to the preexisting Geonosian Bio-Lab "theme-park." In the quest, Ikvizi will be in prison when he asks the player for help. The player can choose not to do the quest and refuse Ikvizi's request, though this article assumes 100 percent game completion.

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